Diehard GameCAST: Episode 38 – Saint’s Row IV, Dragon’s Crown, Tales of Xillia, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and more!

After a brief hiatus, we’re back to catch up on our ever growing log of played games as well as discuss Phil Fish dropping development on Fez 2. Hosted by Sean Madson, Matt Yaeger, & Mark B.

Episode 38 (recorded 08/26/2013)

00:00:00 – Intro
00:06:57 – What We’ve Been Playing (Persona 3 FES, Saint’s Row IV, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Dragon’s Crown, Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Charlie Murder, Rayman Origins)
01:49:00 – News/Discussion (Phil Fish drops support on Fez 2)
02:38:32 – Wrap Up

WARNING: This episode contains a few instances of profanity dispersed throughout the podcast.

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2 responses to “Diehard GameCAST: Episode 38 – Saint’s Row IV, Dragon’s Crown, Tales of Xillia, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and more!”

  1. Aaron Sirois Avatar
    Aaron Sirois

    Sega actually put out feelers to test the interest in bringing over Project Diva F, and the response was much greater than they anticipated. Plus, they didn’t have to do much for translation, and fans would want the songs in Japanese anyway. Seems like low risk venture with potentially big rewards.

  2. Crystal Shards Avatar

    I can certainly see where both Matt and Mark are coming from, but I think one thing that was kind of overlooked is that we can use MULTIPLE means to end (internet) harassment. You just have to look at it from the perspective that some have taken with racism and other -isms: different strokes for different folks. Sometimes you have to fight -isms with humor; at other times, you need to make certain actions illegal; sometimes you have to ignore those people, and sometimes you have to call them out on their bullshit.

    Certainly some sites have tried to take away anonymity by forcing people to, say, log in with their Facebook accounts, which, in theory, requires you to use your real name or something close enough to a real name that it looks legitimate. That works for some people. Other people are mostly doing it for the attention and are best ignored, blocked, or reported. Some people need to be called out before they think about what they’re saying/doing. Even more people need legitimate and serious reprimands in order to get the point.

    There isn’t one magical solution to stopping internet harassment, but I do think that we can teach ourselves and others how to recognize which types of people will need which types of responses in order to leave things alone. Yes, even then, there are some people that will continue to be dicks about things, but with utilizing the right methods for the situation, we can at least cut down on the number of people that do engage in that type of behavior.

    That said, I totally agree that Phil Fish is a public entity and has decided to be a public entity and should at least be aware of the fact that you can say whatever you want, but that also means that people can respond to you however THEY want. Do I think he deserves death threats and the like? Definitely not. But he was a dick to a lot of people, and I’m not surprised people said, “Well, here’s some of your own medicine.”

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