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Diehard AnimeFAN, Vol. 1: Persona 4 The Golden Animation, MY Love STORY!!, Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls Reviews & More!

Well, the past seven months have hardly been rife with new game releases; what has come out has mostly been upscaled ports of older games or games that mostly fall into the “good, but” category, and the few games that have come out that were real »»

Review: Lost Dimension (Sony Playstation 3, Playstation Vita)

Lost Dimension Genre: Turn-Based Strategy RPG Developer: FuRyu Publisher: Atlus Release Date: 07/28/15 Well, here we are, nearly a month removed from our initial coverage of Lost Dimension in a 10 Thoughts piece, and some fifty hours of gamepl »»

Diehard GameFAN Presents: Unboxing the Persona 4: Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack 3D Crystal Set Famitsu DX Pack

If there’s anything long-time readers know about me, it’s that I love me some Persona in general, and Persona 4 in specific, and I’m frankly just stupid enough to waste money on overly complex limited edition game releases if the extras are wor »»

Review: Her Story (PC)

Her Story Genre: Detective/Visual Novel Developer: Sam Barlow Publisher: Sam Barlow Release Date: 6/24/2015 Full motion video has always had kind of a weird relationship with video gaming; while its original implementation (through games like »»

10 Thoughts on… Lost Dimension (Sony Playstation 3/Playstation Vita)

Let me get one thing out of the way up-front: despite watching trailers and reading a good bit about it, until about a week ago, I still really didn’t have a clear idea of what Lost Dimension was supposed to be. On a base level it looks like an odd »»

Diehard GameFAN Presents: The Snack Box Review – Japan Crate’s Premium Crate, Round Two

For those who missed it, back in January I opted to take a look at the two largest providers of what are essentially random boxes full of Japanese Snacks, in Skoshbox and Japan Crate. Well, Japan Crate has been treating their product as something of »»

The Mark B Writing Livestream presents: Persona 4 Dancing All Night, LIVE, 6/27, 8:30 EST!

We here at Diehard GameFAN know that we have some Persona fans out there, and for those of you who've been waiting for an opportunity to get a bit more exposure to the upcoming Persona 4: Dancing All Night, we've got something going on you might be i »»

Review: Operation Abyss: New Tokyo legacy (Sony Playstation Vita)

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Genre: Dungeon Crawler RPG Developer: Experience Inc Publisher: NIS America Release Date: 6/9/15 There are plenty of reasons to remake a game, especially if the first time around the game was made on a shoestr »»

Why Your Waifu Sucks: (Almost) The Entire Main Persona 4 Cast

Why Your Waifu Sucks: Investigations Into Why Anime/Game Characters Would Be the WORST Romantic Partners. You’d think the prior column would’ve been the “big” challenge; establishing a framework, explaining the concept, all of that, righ »»

Review: The Fruit of Grisaia (PC)

The Fruit of Grisaia Genre: Visual Novel Developer: Front Wing Publisher: Sekai Project Release Date: 5/29/15 While more and more visual novels have been finding their way to the US as of late, thanks to increased Western interest and some rea »»

Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed (Sony Playstation Vita)

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Genre: Action Developer: Tamsoft Publisher: Idea Factory Release Date: 05/19/15 Let’s get this out of the way up front: Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed isn’t a Hyperdimension game in »»

Book Review: Bloodborne Limited Edition Strategy Guide

For those who’ve been around for a while, you know the deal coming in, but for newcomers, occasionally I’ll sit down and pick up a strategy guide for a game, either because I want to clear out a game, or because I think the guide looks cool and h »»

Review: Story of Seasons (Nintendo 3DS)

Story of Seasons Genre: Farming Simulator/RPG Developer: Marvelous AQL Publisher: XSEED Games Release Date: 3/31/15 Games frequently come out that can be described as “Such-and-such-game in all but name,” with the implication being that th »»

Review: Unmechanical: Extended Edition (Microsoft Xbox One)

Unmechanical: Extended Edition Genre: Puzzle Developer: Grip Games Publisher: Grip Games Release Date: 01/30/15 Two of the more interesting trends in gaming that have popped up in the last half-decade are that of creating organic puzzle games »»

Review: Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart (Sony Playstation Vita)

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Genre: Turn Based Strategy Developer: Compile Heart Publisher: Nippon Ichi Release Date: 2/24/15 While Alex and Sean got into the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, I never could; while I appreciated th »»

Unboxing the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition and New 3DS

If you’ve spent any time around our neck of the woods, you almost certainly knew this was coming; while I totally understand that Monster Hunter isn’t for anyone, I have a pretty big love for the franchise, so I was almost always going to be buyi »»

Review: Criminal Girls: Invite Only (Sony Playstation Vita)

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Genre: RPG/Dating Sim Developer: Imageepoch Publisher: Nippon Ichi Release Date: 2/3/15 It’s hard to know what to really make of Criminal Girls: Invite Only. On a base level, it’s easy to dismiss it as a cheesec »»

Review: Dying Light (PC)

Dying Light Genre: Survival FPS Developer: Techland Publisher: WB Games Release Date: 01/27/15 I distinctly remember the first time I turned off Dying Light in disgust. It was at the end of a particularly long sequence of tropes; the charac »»

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