Diehard GameCAST: Episode 76 – Fire Emblem Fates, XCOM 2, Far Cry Primal, and more!


Just kidding. That was a Fire Emblem localization reference, which is the hot topic for the evening as well as the state of Street Fighter V. Hosted by Sean Madson, Matt Yaeger, Mark B. & Aaron Sirois.

Episode 76 (recorded 3/1/2016)

00:00:00 – Intro (and Japan!)
00:27:28 – What We’ve Been Playing (Fire Emblem Fates, Final Fantasy Explorers, XCOM 2, Far Cry Primal)
01:10:12 – News/Discussion (Nintendo Direct, PSP store shutting down, the state of Street Fighter V, localization issues)
02:26:20 – Wrap Up

WARNING: This episode contains a few instances of profanity dispersed throughout the podcast.

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