10 Thoughts On…WWE Immortals (iOS)

wweimmortals2WWE Immortals is the kind of game I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid. It takes the already over the top action of wrestling and puts it into an even more over the top fighting game. It’s basically a WWE themed version of Injustice for iOS. That’s not a bad thing at all. If you’ve played that game, you know what to expect. If you haven’t played that game, keep reading to find out how this all works.

1. The concept here is that Bray Wyatt has filled his lantern with dark mystical energy. The Authority takes the lantern and unleashes its power. This causes rifts to other dimensions to open up. In these words, the WWE superstars and divas are badass warriors, mages, and monsters. Naturally, they start fighting each other. In this game, Kane is an actual demon, the Bellas are elemental witches, and John Cena is really a super hero. It’s a fun concept that allows for a lot of creative license.

2. When it comes to combat, the game uses the same structure as Injustice. You tap for light attacks, swipe for heavy attacks, and touch with two fingers in order to block. Signature moves are charged as you fight, and you simply tap the one you want to use. This will bring up a mini game where you’ll need to either tap or swipe the screen quickly in order to boost your damage. You control a team of three characters that you can switch between on the fly. The first side to run out of people is the loser. It’s a simple system, but ends up being fun because it rewards the player for timing their attacks properly.

wweimmortals33. There are three tiers of superstars: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze are the weakest of the bunch, and gold is the strongest. In order to acquire new characters, you need to spend coins earned in battle. You can also buy coins with real money if you get impatient. If you want a specific character, it will cost you a lot of coins. If you buy a random booster, the price is cheaper. There are also other cards you can earn. Some cards allow you to upgrade your characters for free, talent cards give passive bonus to specific characters, and gear cards can be equipped for some basic customization.

4. Your wrestlers level up as you use them. This increases their basic attack and health. It also eventually allows for them to earn new signature and finisher attacks. If you want Daniel Bryan to hit the running knee, you’re going to need to train him up. If you get a second copy of a superstar you already have, you can use it to upgrade the first one. This puts them into “legend” status. It’s basically like a free level up.

5. This game looks great. The character designs are both awesome and ridiculous in all the right ways. I mean the Rock is a freaking stone golem who crackles with electricity! The animations are pretty sweet too. Of particular note are the signatures and finishers. The signatures looks devastating and painful. We’re talking big power bombs, chokeslams, etc. The finishers are akin the the x-ray attacks and supers from other NetherRealm games. For example, Kane breathes fire down his opponents throat, chokeslams them into a pentagon, and then summons lighting to strike them. It’s just too damned cool.

6 Playable characters include Triple H, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kane, The Undertaker, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Trish Stratus, Paige, Roman Reigns, Big Show, and John Cena. All of them have two different versions except Rock and Kane. It’s an interesting roster. Most of these people make perfect sense for a game like this. I just kind of wish there were a few more newer guys here.

7. Of course there’s an online mode. While you can’t actually go one on one with another person, you can fight their teams. You have daily quests you can complete that give you extra gold and renown. At the end of each week, you’re awarded tons of bonuses based on your renown rank. The game does a good job of pairing you up with someone who has a similarly powered team. If you go in with all low level bronze character, your opponent is likely to have the same. This mean you can play the mode with any of your characters and win matches.

wweimmortals48. This is a freemium game. As such, there are ways the game tries to nickle and dime you. Your characters have limited stamina that recharges slowly. When they’re out, you can’t fight anymore. While you’re free to use other characters, it can be frustrating to not be able to level up the characters you actually want to use. The goal is to get you to buy stamina packs. The prices aren’t unreasonable, and you can always just wait for the stamina to recharge if you’re patient. Still, it is possible to play indefinitely when you unlock enough characters.

9. Sadly, the game has a number of bugs and issues that bog it down. Of particular note is a glitch that causes multiple opponents to appear on screen at once. Both can attack you and damage you. It’s possible to get hit with multiple signatures at once, causing a full health character to get knocked out quickly. This is frustrating to say the least. I’ve also had problems with the challenge mode disappearing, and quests that didn’t tell me everything that I needed to do. The game sorely needs to be patched. While you won’t encounter these problems on every fight, they can derail a good run. When one of your quests is to win seven times in a row, you’re going to want to throw your phone if such problems arise.

10. Overall, the game is a solid fighter with plenty of replay value. It’s mostly just a re-skin of Injustice, but that’s OK. While being a WWE fan certainly helps, it isn’t really needed. That being said, WWE fans should certainly pick this up. Let’s just hope the bugs taken care of before too long.



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