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  • Review: Norna (iOS)

    This clever puzzler does just as well on portable devices as it did on PC.

  • 10 Thoughts On…WWE Immortals (iOS)

    WWE meets Mortal Kombat is this free to play brawler.

  • 10 Thoughts on…Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS)

    Batman: Arkham Origins might not be out for the Sony Playstation 3 for the Xbox 360 until October 25th, but the iOS version came out on Thursday, and after spending copious amounts of time with it, here are ten bullet points on the game and why you should probably download it. 1. NetherRealms studios designed…

  • Review: The Curse of Shadow House (iOS)

    The Curse of Shadow House Developer: Hidden Treasure Games Publisher: Hidden Treasure Games Genre: Adventure Release Date: 08/12/2013 The Curse of Shadow House is a first person point and click adventure game from new developer Eric Shofe. I was one of 241 Kickstarter backers for this project, and it’s the only iOS game to date…

  • Review: IOOTP Baseball 2013 (iOS)

    IOOTP Baseball 2013 Developer: Out of the Park Developments Publisher: Out of the Park Developments Genre: Sports Simulation Release Date: 05/03/2013 IOOTP Baseball 2013 for iOS is the “on the go” version of the critically acclaimed baseball simulator Out of the Park Baseball 13. Last year I wrote about the second iteration. While I enjoyed…

  • Review: iOOTP Baseball 12 (iOS)

    iOOTP Baseball 12 Developer: Out of the Park Productions Publisher: Out of the Park Productions Genre: Sports Release Date: 04/09/2012 Mobile phone gaming has gone from games like Snake and Tetris to more complex fare that rivals dedicated handheld console gaming. With that in mind, I was still skeptical about the ability to take the…

  • Review: Diggin’ Dogs (iOS)

    Diggin’ Dogs Publisher: Chillingo Developer: Chillingo Genre: Puzzle Release Date: 02/09/2012 I’ll admit I’m a huge dog person, so anything with dogs in it tends to catch my attention. Such was the case with Diggin’ Dogs and in spite of the cutesy and somewhat corny name, there seemed to be a actual fun puzzle game…

  • Review: Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land (iOS)

    Call of Cthulu: Wasted Land Genre: Strategy RPG Developer: Red Wasp Games Publisher: Red Wasp Games Release Date: 1/30/12 Lovecraft is an author held in high regard among some of the writers for this website, and being a fan of both video games and HP Lovecraft we’ve had the chance to see his work mangled…

  • Review: Time of Heroes (iPhone)

    A new Strategy RPG for the iOS

  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs Takes Leave Of Absence

    Apple’s iconic CEO Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence, according to an email sent to staff at Apple and confirmed on their website. The media advisory has a copy of the email Mr. Jobs sent to his employees: Apple CEO Steve Jobs today sent the following email to all Apple employees: Team,…

  • Review: Baseball Superstars 2011 (iPhone)

    The spirit of R.B.I. Baseball lives!

  • Review: Twin Blades (360/iPhone)

    Twin Blades Publisher: Press Play Studio Developer: Press Play Studio Genre: Platform Release Date: 12/29/2009

  • Screens: Golvellius (Iphone)

    Screens: Golvellius (Iphone) Developer: D4 Enterprise Publisher: DotEmu Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date: August 2009

  • Review: Droplitz (iPhone)

    Droplitz Developer: Blitz Arcade Publisher: Atlus USA Genre: Puzzle Release Date: 6/24/2009 I’m two for two so far in iPhone game reviews; Knights Onrush was a good game and it looks like – so far – that the issues I had with it have been patched around. Toki Tori is actually one of my contenders…

  • Review: Taxi Ball (iPhone)

    Taxi Ball Genre: Labyrinth Racing Developer: Self Aware Publisher: Apple Release Date: 05/20/2009

  • Review: Knights Onrush (iPhone)

    Knights Onrush Developer: MoreGames Publisher: Chillingo Genre: Strategy/Castle Defense Release Date: 6/3/2009 As I stated in my review of Toki Tori, in the sprawling metropolis that was the iPhone and it’s capabilities, games were like the seedy back alley. I didn’t want to go near them lest I end up demoralized, short of money, and…

  • Review: Toki Tori (iPhone)

    Toki Tori Developer: Two Tribes Publisher: Chillingo Genre: Platform/Puzzle Released Date: 5/22/09