Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 2/21(Diddy Kong)

Monday:  Mac’s Ground Game

Sakurai gives us a staunch reminder that Little Mac is a ground based character and his air game is admittedly weak.  This is going to stand true about both his attacks (at least we can assume so) and his recovery, so keep those boots on the ground!

Tuesday:  Fairy Bottle

To see my initial reaction to the Fairy Bottle, check it out here.  We don’t know much more yet – will it only activate after a certain percentage?  Will it just be an even more powerful Heart Container?

Wednesday:  Giant Puppy

So either the Nintendogs are all giant or this is a nod to Smash 64 in that the characters are toys for a child.  I wouldn’t be opposed to the latter, personally.  And really, who doesn’t love puppies?

Thursday:  Little Mac is Short

…yeah, Mac is short.  That’s the joke.

Friday:  Diddy Kong  Returns



Tropical Freeze releases and we get Diddy showing up.  Again, my thoughts here. Diddy is, at least at this point, much the same as his Brawl incarnation, albeit with a bit of a Dhalsim flavor.  No indications of a Diddy/Dixie team, and I don’t personally see them adding in another Kong.  Banana peels will be tripping folks up all over the place – Keep a keen eye.


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  1. stealth20k Avatar

    It was a bit of a slow week.

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