E3 2013 Impressions: Memoria (PC)

Much like Goodbye Deponia, Memoria is a point and click adventure game from the minds at Daedalic Entertainment. You wouldn’t know it from the title, but Memoria is actually a followup to last year’s The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. Of course, Daedalic was quick to clear up that even if you have never played the previous game, you won’t be lost trying to follow the game’s events. In fact, it stars a whole new protagonist this time around.

While Geron from the previous title does make a return, his role is a little more limited this time around. Instead, we are introduced to the character of Sadja, who existed 500 years before. It was Sadja’s goal to become the greatest hero that ever existed, yet there is no record of her throughout history. As control switches between Sadja in the past and Geron in the present, as the player, you begin to unravel why this is and what events really did take place all of those years ago.

The demonstration begins after Sadja enters an ancient tomb along with a number of other adventurers. However, things go horribly wrong (as they do when you explore dangerous places) and all except Sadja perish in the ensuing chaos. On top of it all, Sadja finds herself trapped in a room with nothing but the holes in the walls to gain her bearings and figure out what she needs to do next. At her disposal is a talking magical staff that has no memory of who he is, and doesn’t much care for being used in the capacity that he is throughout the game. There are numerous occasions when trying out different solutions where the staff will belittle you and flat out tell you that they won’t work. Despite the seriousness of the overall tale, there definitely seems to be a touch of humor as a result of this.

The visuals are absolutely breathtaking. As Sadja attempts to find her way out of the room, you are forced to interact with a number of objects that you don’t even realize you can do things with because it looks like a static part of the background. Then suddenly, golems will start moving and your jaw just drops at the animation.

The staff will play a large part in your ability to solve puzzles in this title, since he can light up dark rooms and various magics in your repertoire will be required in order to do such things as bring golems to life. In the demo, the golems could be commanded to bang on doors or throw objects to other golems. The puzzles seem very inventive based on what was shown, so hopefully the final game is just as imaginative. Memoria is set to release this fall on PC.



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