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  • Review: Blackguards 2 (PC)

    A bad compromise between streamlined character management and large battles.

  • Preview: Blackguards 2 (PC)

    Earlier this year, I reviewed Blackguards for the PC. It was a darn good tactical RPG based off the Dark Eye tabletop books. It followed a rather strict adherence to the rules, which meant it rubbed some the wrong way. With the upcoming Blackguards 2, Daedalic Entertainment hopes to streamline the mechanics as well as…

  • Review: 1954 Alcatraz (PC)

    Breaking out of the “inescapable prison” should be perhaps a bit harder, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

  • Review: Blackguards (PC)

    A thoroughly enjoyable tactical role playing experience.

  • E3 2013 Impressions: Memoria (PC)

    Much like Goodbye Deponia, Memoria is a point and click adventure game from the minds at Daedalic Entertainment. You wouldn’t know it from the title, but Memoria is actually a followup to last year’s The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. Of course, Daedalic was quick to clear up that even if you have never played…

  • E3 2013 Impressions: Goodbye Deponia (PC)

    If you’ve ever had a chance to check out Night of the Rabbit, then you’re already familiar with the work of German developer Daedalic Entertainment. The developer/publisher has notoriety for their work on adventure games and while I will admit to not having much experience in the genre, I can’t think of a better way…