Diehard GameCAST: Episode 20

This week we discuss the TWEWY iOS port, the return of Black Isle Studios, and what we’re anticipating the rest of 2012. Hosted by Sean Madson, Matt Yaeger, & Mark B.

Episode 20 (recorded 8/27/2012)

00:00:00 – Intro
00:22:58 – What We’ve Been Playing (Sleeping Dogs, New Super Mario Bros. 2, The Last Story, Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, Sim City 4, Adidas MiCoach, Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise, Persona 4)
01:01:32 – News (Square Enix releases iOS port of The World Ends With You, Black Isle Studios is back, Lollipop Chainsaw is Grasshopper’s most shipped title, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition hits consoles on Octover 26th)
01:29:58 – Discussion (What we’re looking forward to the rest of 2012)
02:18:31 – Wrap Up

WARNING: This episode contains a few instances of profanity dispersed throughout the podcast.

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