Diehard GameCAST: Episode 8

This week’s episode has been brought to you by the word “Proprietary.” We discuss the legality of copying game design wholesale, the rumors circulating around the new Xbox console, and fat Mega Man. Hosted by Sean Madson, Matt Yaeger, & Mark B. Special guest: Aaron Sirois

Episode 8 (recorded 1/27/2012)

00:00:00-00:07:23 – Intro
00:07:23-01:24:50 – News (new Neo Geo handheld, THQ exiting kids’ games, new Xbox rumors, Netflix abandoning renting games, Street Fighter X Tekken‘s inclusion of fat Mega Man and Pac Man)
01:24:50-02:10:17 – What we’ve been playing (L.A. Noire, Catherine, Saw II, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Ice Age 3, Dark Souls, 3 Heroes: Crystal Soul, Scarygirl, Persona 3 Portable, Zack Zero)
02:10:17-02:38:21 – Discussion of the legality of copying game design
02:38:21-02:43:40 – Wrap Up

WARNING: This episode contains a few instances of profanity dispersed throughout the podcast.


4 responses to “Diehard GameCAST: Episode 8”

  1. Crystal Steltenpohl Avatar

    Sean Madson likes Batman’s nipples too much.

    1. Sean Madson Avatar

      You mean, that’s not his super power?

  2. Guest#7 Avatar

    Aaron was really good, you should have him back often.

    1. Sean Madson Avatar

      I’m sure he would be happy to hear that! If you haven’t listened to it yet, he was also a guest on episode 9. I’m certain he will be joining us in future recordings.

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