Sony Releases Firmware 3.56. It, Too, Is Useless

On their blog, Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 would be getting firmware 3.56. At this time, it is currently out. The firmware adds a “security patch”. There is no change log when installing the patch, and the PlayStation Blog doesn’t go into any further detail.

If this sounds suspiciously like the absolutely useless firmware update from last month, you would be absolutely right.

This patch is undoubtedly the first in a long, LONG line of patches that will try to mitigate the damage caused by the fail0verflow team releasing the system’s private keys to the world, which has opened the system wide open for hackers who want to run unauthorized code, reinstall Linux on their systems or “back up” (read: pirate the shit out of) their games. Get used to it, folks. Sony picked a fight with the Linux nerds, and it’s personal now.





10 responses to “Sony Releases Firmware 3.56. It, Too, Is Useless”

  1. oOo--STAR--oOo Avatar

    lol i still got my jailbreak online man fuk sony dey r diks! uniquez-home rulez!

  2. The Future of Sega Avatar
    The Future of Sega

    When are they going to fix the web browser, add ntfs support, add automatic arranging of songs in alphabetical order, etc. Sony just add other os back please?

    The PS3 is about to hit rock bottom.

  3. Sean Avatar

    Damn linux nerds are making our lives hell with this crap, don’t try and tell us it’s so you can run ‘homebrew’ and you don’t approve of piracy.

    At least have the stones to tell us to our faces you’re trying to pirate games and we pay through our noses cos Sony’s having to pay more engineers to fix your mess

  4. Rob Avatar

    Get over it people. Sony owns playstation they can do what they like…stop being such nerds and install the damn update already! we don’t wanna hear ur whining.

  5. Ace Avatar

    Well if everyone stopped trying to hack the PS3, SONY could concentrate on new features!

  6. Samuraiter Avatar

    Never underestimate the determination of a hacker with a Linux install and a dream, it seems. Funny how the crooks always seem to be smarter than the people hired to stop them.

  7. Christopher Bowen Avatar

    Samuraiter, I think the latest edition of Extra Credits on The Escapist said it best:

    “Oh, and Sony? A word to the wise: do not tangle with the kind of people who install Linux on their PlayStations. Trust me. You are wasting your time.”

  8. nate Avatar

    What is sad is not that the linux nerds are pirating games. What is sad is that the linux nerds are hacking the shit out of online only titles rendering them useless unless you too have hacks. Case and point, SOCOM Confrontationl. Full of god hacks now

    1. Christopher Bowen Avatar

      I do need to clarify something: the Linux guys aren’t the ones actually making the firmware that allows for pirated games and in-game cheats like we’re seeing in SOCOM and Black Ops. If you watch the actual presentation where fail0verflow detailed their work, they specifically said that whenever past devices have been hacked, it was for more ulterior purposes such as homebrewing code and the like, and that piracy was always a secondary characteristic of that work. In fact, they specifically said that they knew that this hack would lead to piracy, but did it anyway. Their thoughts on this were that if Sony hadn’t taken away their toy (OtherOS), they wouldn’t have been motivated to throw a fit.

      This is what pisses me off the most. This cavalier attitude towards piracy infuriates me. “Yeah, we know the pirates are going to have a field day, but fuck Sony, shouldn’t have taken Linux off!”. Hardcore Linux guys – the REALLY hardcore ones, the ones that install it on toasters and shit and that will probably respond to this comment flailing about Micro$oft, the wonders of the GPL, free ideas and all this other high-and-mighty bullshit that hasn’t found ONE way to penetrate the mainstream yet because it’s made by engineers who don’t give a rat’s arse about end users – will attack like rabid wolves whenever their OS of choice is even perceived to being threatened. Very Stallmanesque, which is notable because Richard Stallman is noted as being one of the hardest people to work with, or even just be around, you can think of. The hardcore Linux crowd is a bunch of people screaming “GET OFF MY LAWN!”, before running inside because the big bright thing in the sky hurts their eyes. I say that as a Linux user, too.

      I have so much to say about these ignorant, naive tools, but I think I’d be better served saving it for a UTS.

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