Sony Releases Firmware 3.56. It, Too, Is Useless

On their blog, Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 would be getting firmware 3.56. At this time, it is currently out. The firmware adds a “security patch”. There is no change log when installing the patch, and the PlayStation Blog doesn’t go into any further detail.

If this sounds suspiciously like the absolutely useless firmware update from last month, you would be absolutely right.

This patch is undoubtedly the first in a long, LONG line of patches that will try to mitigate the damage caused by the fail0verflow team releasing the system’s private keys to the world, which has opened the system wide open for hackers who want to run unauthorized code, reinstall Linux on their systems or “back up” (read: pirate the shit out of) their games. Get used to it, folks. Sony picked a fight with the Linux nerds, and it’s personal now.

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