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  • Sony Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against PlayStation Hacker

    In another round of what will undoubtedly be a long legal struggle, Sony has won a restraining order against George “Geohot” Hotz which prevents him from assisting in any way the hacking or “jailbreaking” of their PlayStation 3 console. According to papers obtained by Engadget, the temporary order prevents Mr. Hotz or anyone working in […]

  • Sony Releases Firmware 3.56. It, Too, Is Useless

    On their blog, Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 would be getting firmware 3.56. At this time, it is currently out. The firmware adds a “security patch”. There is no change log when installing the patch, and the PlayStation Blog doesn’t go into any further detail. If this sounds suspiciously like the absolutely useless […]

  • Sony Releases Firmware Update 3.55, Update Fixes Absolutely Nothing

    Sony has today pushed out version 3.55 of their PlayStation 3 firmware. Calling it a “minor” update that adds a “security patch”, the update has no changelog on the dashboard, and the entirety of Sony’s blog post on the subject is half as long as this sentence. The update is mandatory; users cannot connect to […]