The Legendary Unboxing of Halo: Reach

Every once in a while, a game comes along that the rules go out the window for. The Halo series has long been known for obsessive fans, midnight launch parties, and over-the-top collector editions. As Bungie makes its farewell to the Halo franchise, they have packed an amazing number of goodies into the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition. I decided to crack open the piggy bank and see what was inside. Let’s take a look.

1. ONI Ammo Case. The box for the game has been designed to look like a crate of ammo for the troops. I’ve shot it here next to the cat-helmet from the Halo 3 Legendary edition so you can get a sense of scale. The box pretty well dwarfs the helmet.

2. The open box. This is the first thing you are greeted with upon opening: The game box, a letter, and a warning label so you don’t ruin the statue.

3. Letter detail. This is the letter you get upon opening the box. I think it’s very cool that this statue is technically a war memorial statue and not just “hey, these are the guys in the game.”

4. Game Box. This is actually what the Collector’s Edition game box looks like. I love the fact that you have to remove the game by pulling the handle on the sealed case. This is a pretty slick packaging move.

Here is the game coming out of the protective box:

5. Halsey’s Journal. This is available inside the CE also, and it is full of information. The journal itself is a mock up of a handwritten journal, but it comes sealed in this military secret envelope. I’m not going to show any of the secrets in there, so you’ll have to dig those up yourself.

6. Statue Weaponry. This is a detail shot of the guns on the Noble Team statue. You have to attach them yourself, but I’d rather do that then start with a bent sniper rifle. The model work on these are amazing.

7. Statue. This is the way the statue comes out of the box, before you attach anything to it. It is cast in plastic, but you’d never know it until you lift it. It’s about half the size of the box, and a few inches taller than the helmet.

8. Armed and ready. Here are the shots of the completed statue of Noble Team.

So is it worth it? Given that this edition costs $150.00, I’m not sure. Is the statue worth the extra $70 over the Collector’s Edition? That depends on two things: Do you have room to display it, and how big a fan of Halo are you? Turning this into a war memorial and taking into consideration the amount of goodies in that box, I consider it a good purchase-at least for me. Other people might not want all the extras, they might just want the game. There is also the possibility that this will drop in price over time like the Halo 3 Legendary Edition did. Personally, I’m glad I have it, and it was a lot of fun opening it up and looking through the loot. The very steep price says “not for everyone” in a pretty clear voice though. Hope you enjoyed the unboxing, look for our official review soon!






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