Diehard GameFAN Presents: O R’lyeh?

If I have to explain to you why this shirt is awesome, hi, welcome to Diehard GameFAN!

An expanded “brief recap”: Mr. J. Rose, our resident staff artist and all-around nice guy, has been printing shirts through various organizations, including Short.Woot, Tee Fury, RIPT Apparel, GoodJoe, and other organizations. When this happens, we pimp his work, both because we assume that, as we like his work, so too will you, and because it’s always nice to celebrate when someone is marginally successful in their chosen field.

Anyway, J. Rose won second place in Woot’s most recent Derby, “Classic Literature Mashup”, with a collaborative effort he designed with fellow designer Crescent Debris. Their design, “O R’lyeh?”, can be seen below, which is a design of Captain Ahab fighting Cthulhu:

You can order it here, if you think you can handle a shirt containing this much awesome.

You can also check out his prior printed shirts, most of which are no longer available, below:

A Clockwork Orange.
Dragon Slayer.
Mario fighting Bowser, done in the Baroque art style.
Nightmare Circus.
Robot Dinosaurs.
Steamworks Operatica.
Weird Fiction (an H.P. Lovecraft tribute).
I Like Candy/Wise Old Master.
Almost Dawn.
The Valkyrie.
Oh hai there, I can has ur planet?
The Clockmaker.

You can still acquire “Wise Old Master” from GoodJoe, and you can acquire “A Clockwork Orange” and “Weird Fiction” from J. Rose’s own NEW shirt site, which also contains other designs and DHGF-themed apparel.




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  1. Aaron Sirois Avatar

    Ok. That one is badass.

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