E3 2009 – Live Coverage Blog Of Microsoft E3 Press Briefing

Check back this morning for full coverage of the Microsoft E3 Press Briefing to kick off E3 2009!

We’re also doing coverage on Twitter as well!

Live Blog:
10:25am PST – the event begins

10:26am – Light are out and a video has begun.

10:27am – Video of Rock Band: Beatles to start.

10:30am – After the video, which was the opening video of the game, two dudes come out to remember The Beatles.

10:30am – Beatles Rock Band confirmed for Sept. 9th.

10:33am – Watching some guys play Beatles Rock Band. It looks the same but with Beatles songs and characters.

10:36am – Some of the tracks are announced. Oh good,”Taxman” made the cut. This is going on forever.

10:38am – Yoko is here.

10:40am – Going on 15 mins on Rock Band Beatles.

10:41am – Paul and Ringo are here too. Some videos are coming. When I can upload?

10:43am – They promise no charts and graphs, but 10 world premiere game announcements.

10:44am – Tony Hawk is here to show us Tony Hawk Ride and controller.

10:47am – Tony Hawk video playing… Interesting that MS is featuring two 3rd party, non exclusives to start.

10:48am – Video of Infinity Ward is next after Tony Hawk.

10:49am – Modern Warfare 2!

10:54am – Watching an ice level in Modern Warfare 2 in live gameplay.

10:58am – Two exclusive DLC maps to Xbox Live first.

10:58am – Final Fantasy XIII is up next.

11:01am – Gameplay footage of FFXIII plays. Graphics look incredible.

11:02am – Final Fantasy 13 coming spring 2010.

11:02am – Every game for the remainder of the presentation is Xbox exclusive.

11:04am – Epic Games announces a new XBL stealth/shooter type game.

11:05am – Game is called Shadow Complex and coming summer 2009.

11:06am – XBL racer called Joy Ride, which is an avatar-powered kart racer.

11:07am – Joy Ride will be free to download and play, with paid dlc, coming in winter.

11:09am – Crackdown 2 announced!

11:10am – Left4Dead 2 coming in November.

11:12am – Movie style video of Splinter Cell Conviction

11:19am – Forza Motorsport 3 announced and coming exclusively in October.

11:21am – Forza will have 400 cars and over 50 manufacturers.

11:23am – Forza 3 will build on community aspects and add new video upload capability.

11:27am – Halo 3 ODST video and gameplay.

11:31am – Halo 3 ODST hits Sept 22nd. Now another Bungie game is being announced…

11:32am – Halo Reach hits Fall 2010 and an online beta demo ships with Halo 3 ODST.

11:33am – Video and gameplay of Alan Wake is demoed next.

11:35am –Alan Wake and Splinter Cell both had cool in-game prompts integrated into the gameplay instead of popup textbox alerts.

11:39am – Alan Wake has a release date of Spring 2010.

11:40am – XBL updates – Last.fm powers music/radio through XBL for gold members later this year.

11:41am – Netflix upgrades – no more pc needed, queue and movies right in dashboard… Sky tv adds movies and tv to the UK.

11:43am – XBL is relaunching video as Zune Video. ZV will have full 1080p, instant access without delay or discs, doubling countries from 8 to 18.

11:46am – XBL adds Facebook functionality – link Facebook and XBL friends.

11:47am – XBL integrates with Facebook connect, future Tiger Woods game will support images and text in-game.

11:48am – XBL also adding Twitter. Both are coming this Fall.

11:51am – Kojima is here to announce Metal Gear Solid Rising for 360.

11:58am – Full motion control announed as “Project Natal.”

12:02pm – Steven Spielberg talks Natal. He says that MS isn’t reinventing the wheel – there is no wheel.

12:04pm – Live demo of the XBL dashboard using Natal with full body motion.

12:06pm – Natal games – Richochet is a full body breakout style game… Some waggle trash talk.

12:14pm – Long Natal painting demo followed by Peter Molyneaux.

12:19pm – Lionhead demo for Natal shows a boy named Milo and a mini adventure to fish and draw fish.






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    Ashe Collins

    So is MGS Rising taking place after or before MGS Portable Ops?

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    Cool site, love the info.

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