Review: Epanalepsis (PC)

An unfinished and unpolished game that places artistic expression above all else. »»

Review: Chroma Squad (PC)

A great game for fans, but lacking the depth for serious players. »»

Review: Sunless Sea (PC)

Great atmosphere saves the game from being a total bore. »»

Review: Chariot (PC)

Long live the king... 's wagon. »»

Review: Blackguards 2 (PC)

A bad compromise between streamlined character management and large battles. »»

Review: This War of Mine (PC)

A war story told not from the soldier's point of view, but from those simply trying to survive. »»

Preview: Blackguards 2 (PC)

Earlier this year, I reviewed Blackguards for the PC. It was a darn good tactical RPG based off the Dark Eye tabletop books. It followed a rather strict adherence to the rules, which meant it rubbed some the wrong way. With the upcoming Blackguards 2 »»

Review: Crowntakers (PC)

An addictive blend of hardcore and casual tendencies. »»

Review: Blackbay Asylum (PC)

It certainly has personality. I'll give it that. »»

Review: May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville (PC)

An acceptable alternative to a certain professor. »»

Review: Black Viper: Sophia's Fate (PC)

Sophia's fate is to be avoided by any discerning hidden object game fan. »»

Review: A Golden Wake (PC)

It's not quite golden, but it's more than worth your time. »»

Review: Risen 3 - Titan Lords (PC)

Risen 3: Titan Lords Developer: Piranha Bytes Publisher: Deep Silver Genre: Action Adventure RPG Release: 08/12/2014 Frustration, enjoyment, confusion and disappointment. These are the range of emotions I went through as I marched my way thro »»

Review: Northmark: Hour of the Wolf (PC)

A year later, and this game has only gotten less impressive. »»

Review: Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween (PC)

This game is a bit too early thematically and mechanically. »»

Preview: Sunless Sea (PC)

A promising rogue-like that combines sailing with a Lovecraft-inspired setting. »»

Review: Where is my Heart? (PC)

A unique look sets this game apart. »»

Review: The Fall (PC)

Prepare to fall hard for The Fall. »»

Review: QuestRun (PC)

While it has interesting ideas, QuestRun suffers from clashing ideals. »»

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