Review: Fort Meow (PC)

A short but sweet physics-based puzzler. »»

Review: Her Story (PC)

Her Story Genre: Detective/Visual Novel Developer: Sam Barlow Publisher: Sam Barlow Release Date: 6/24/2015 Full motion video has always had kind of a weird relationship with video gaming; while its original implementation (through games like »»

Review: This Starry Midnight We Make (PC)

This Starry Midnight We Make Publisher: Carpe Fulgur LLC Developer: Cavyhouse Genre: Sim Release Date: 06/01/2015 In many ways, calling This Starry Midnight We Make (Starry for short) a video game does it a disservice. Sure, it has a user »»

E3 2015 Trailer: Dark Souls III (Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 & PC)

The existence of this title leaked way ahead of E3, but regardless, we now have some gameplay to go along with the reveal. Since the trailer for Dark Souls III is mostly cinematic, not much is learned from it in regards to gameplay tweaks and other m »»

E3 2015 Trailer: Shenmue 3 (Sony PlayStation 4 & PC)

Someone better check on Hell, because if it's not a frosty tundra now, I don't know what else could have happened. Shenmue 3 is making it's way to PS4 and PC by way of a new Kickstarter campaign, which you can check out here. Since the campaign is st »»

Review: Norna (PC)

An unassuming, but challenging puzzler. »»

Review: The Fruit of Grisaia (PC)

The Fruit of Grisaia Genre: Visual Novel Developer: Front Wing Publisher: Sekai Project Release Date: 5/29/15 While more and more visual novels have been finding their way to the US as of late, thanks to increased Western interest and some rea »»

Review: Epanalepsis (PC)

An unfinished and unpolished game that places artistic expression above all else. »»

Review: Chroma Squad (PC)

A great game for fans, but lacking the depth for serious players. »»

Review: Sunless Sea (PC)

Great atmosphere saves the game from being a total bore. »»

Review: Chariot (PC)

Long live the king... 's wagon. »»

Review: Blackguards 2 (PC)

A bad compromise between streamlined character management and large battles. »»

Review: This War of Mine (PC)

A war story told not from the soldier's point of view, but from those simply trying to survive. »»

Preview: Blackguards 2 (PC)

Earlier this year, I reviewed Blackguards for the PC. It was a darn good tactical RPG based off the Dark Eye tabletop books. It followed a rather strict adherence to the rules, which meant it rubbed some the wrong way. With the upcoming Blackguards 2 »»

Review: Crowntakers (PC)

An addictive blend of hardcore and casual tendencies. »»

Review: Blackbay Asylum (PC)

It certainly has personality. I'll give it that. »»

Review: May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville (PC)

An acceptable alternative to a certain professor. »»

Review: Black Viper: Sophia's Fate (PC)

Sophia's fate is to be avoided by any discerning hidden object game fan. »»

Review: A Golden Wake (PC)

It's not quite golden, but it's more than worth your time. »»

Review: Risen 3 - Titan Lords (PC)

Risen 3: Titan Lords Developer: Piranha Bytes Publisher: Deep Silver Genre: Action Adventure RPG Release: 08/12/2014 Frustration, enjoyment, confusion and disappointment. These are the range of emotions I went through as I marched my way thro »»

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