Author: Robert Hubbs

  • Review: Sublevel Zero (PC)

    Sublevel Zero Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Sigtrap Games Publisher: Mastertronic Release Date: 10/08/2015 Please enjoy our video review for Sublevel Zero!

  • Steam Link – Unboxing and Review

    The Steam Link has finally been released, after many delays, along with the Steam Machine to usher in a new era of PC gaming. The Steam Link was actually released a couple months ago in limited quantity to those that pre-ordered it. I didn’t purchase mine until it was available to the general public on […]

  • Review: Broforce (PC)

    Broforce Genre: Action Developer: Free Lives Publisher: Devolver Digital Release Date: 10/15/2015 There was a time that I thought Broforce was going to be stuck in Early Access forever. Ever since its early release last year, I have constantly kept checking in, hoping the game would eventually be stable enough to be considered complete. My […]

  • Project Spark (Microsoft Xbox One)

    Project Spark Developer: Microsoft Game Studios Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: Sim, Sandbox, Game Creator Release Date: 10/07/2014 Project Spark is an incredibly ambitious idea that Microsoft released. It’s one part game creation studio, one part online community project and a little bit of a game here. The one thing that is heavily push is […]

  • Review: Alien: Isolation (Microsoft Xbox One)

    Alien: Isolation Publisher: Sega Developer: Creative Assembly Genre: Survival Horror Release: Oct 7, 2014 I am a big fan of the Alien franchise so you can imagine my disappointment when release after release I am underwhelmed with all the game adaptions that have come. Alien 3 for the NES and Sega Genesis were run and […]

  • Review: Risen 3 – Titan Lords (PC)

    Risen 3: Titan Lords Developer: Piranha Bytes Publisher: Deep Silver Genre: Action Adventure RPG Release: 08/12/2014 Frustration, enjoyment, confusion and disappointment. These are the range of emotions I went through as I marched my way through Risen 3: Titan Lords. I never had the opportunity to play the first two games, but they have the […]

  • Review: Divinity: Original Sin (PC)

    Divinity: Original Sin Developer: Larian Studios Publisher: Larian Studios Genre: RPG Release Date: 6/30/14 Larian Studios did something I never expected; they went far beyond the expectations for Divinity: Original Sin, the latest game in the Divinity franchise. After the fans spoke out and helped Larian reach their Kickstarter goal, the company did everything they […]

  • DHGF Review: R-Type Dimensions (Sony Playstation 3)

    R-Type Dimensions Developers: Southend Interactive Publisher: Tozai Games Genre: Action, Schumps Release: May 20, 2014 I LOVE R-Type. It has been one of my favorite space sidescroller shoot-em up franchise for decades. I played it in the arcades, on my Commodore Amiga, Sega Master System, the Super Nintendo, and on Playstation. Irem, the company that […]

  • Review: Strike Suit Zero Director’s Cut (Microsoft Xbox One)

    Strike Suit Zero Director’s Cut Developer: Born Ready Games Publisher: Born Ready Games Genre: Action, Flight Release date: 04/08/2014 Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is a rerelease of the PC indie title made exclusively for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Chances are you might not have heard of this title when it quietly released […]

  • 10 Thoughts on… Broforce (PC)

    One of my favorite games for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System is the non-stop action game, Contra. The intense run and gun game offered a challenge and some of the most satisfying co-op action ever.  Over twenty-five years later, Contra is still the definitive run and gun action game that helped spawn many sequels and would-be clones. […]

  • DHGF Interview: Codebrush Games

    Codebrush Game is an independent developer located in Seoul, South Korea. They are currently working on their first title, ArcheBlade, which is presently in open beta, and we had the chance to speak with them on the game.. Robert Hubbs – DHGF – How did the team of developers come together to form Codebrush? You […]

  • Review: Nidhogg (PC)

    Nidhogg Developer: Messhof Publisher: Messhof Genre: Indie, Action Release: 01/13/2014 The saying, “Looks can be deceiving” definitely applies to Nidhogg, an indie game from developers Messhof. Nidhogg has the graphical style of a classic Atari 2600 game, but underneath the deceptive simple graphics is an exciting, action driven and addictive multiplayer game. Nidhogg is an […]

  • Review: Blood of the Werewolf (PC)

    Blood of the Werewolf Developer: Scientifically Proven Publisher: Midnight City Genre: Action, Platformer Release: 10/28/2013 I have played some wonderful platformers these past couple of years. Among my recent favorites are the indie titles Fly’n, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. I can say without a doubt that Blood of […]

  • Review: Gas Guzzlers Extreme (PC)

    Gas Guzzlers Extreme Developer: Gamepires Publisher: Iceberg Interactive Genre: Racing, Action Release: 10/08/2013 Open Letter Apology I would like to openly apologize to Diehard GameFAN and to the developers of Gas Guzzlers Extreme for a statement that was made in my original version of this review. I made a statement about the lack of game […]

  • Review: Montague’s Mount (PC)

    Montague’s Mount Developer: Mastertronic Publisher: Mastertronic Genre: First Person Adventure game Release: 10/9/2013 I found out about Montague’s Mount through Steam’s Greenlight program and became incredibly interested in it. Montague’s Mount appeared to offer a very interesting setting, as well as some interesting puzzle solving and spooky survival horror looking elements. I wrote up a […]

  • Preview: Montague’s Mount (PC)

    Montague’s Mount is a survival horror game developed by Polypusher Studios, who are looking to offer their own unique take on the survival horror genre. Montague’s Mount takes place on a secluded and desolate island eerie scenery and bone chilling ambience. You are a lone sailor that has shipwrecked on this lonely isle and have […]

  • Review: The Chaos Engine (PC)

    The Chaos Engine Developer: Bitmap Brothers Publisher: Mastertronic Genre: Action Release Date: 8/29/2013 The Chaos Engine was one of the big hits released for Commodore Amiga computers back in 1993. It was quite a popular game and found itself being ported to various computers and consoles. For Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis gamers in the […]

  • Review: Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate (Sony Playstation 3)

    Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Publisher: Tecmo Koei Developer: Team Ninja Release Date: 09/03/2013 It’s been almost a year since Team Ninja released Dead Or Alive 5 to the masses. It’s been almost seven years plus since the console release of Dead Or Alive 4, which graced the Xbox 360 as an exclusive title, nearly […]

  • Review: Disney Planes (Nintendo Wii)

    Disney Planes Genre: Adventure Publisher: Behaviour Interactive Developer: Disney Interactive Studios Release Date: 08/06/13 Well tickle me surprised; I did not expect Disney Planes to actually be a good game. I have seen the movie with my son recently, and I walked away with the impression that it was an okay underdog family movie. Definitely […]

  • Review: Company Of Heroes 2 (PC)

    Company Of Heroes 2 Genre: Real-Time Strategy Publisher: SEGA Developer: Relic Release: 6/25/2013 After I finally played the original StarCraft to death, I finally went out of my way to play many other types of RTS games. Some of the games I went through included Command And Conquer Generals, WarCraft 3, Rise Of Nations: Rise […]