Preview: Montague’s Mount (PC)

Montague’s Mount is a survival horror game developed by Polypusher Studios, who are looking to offer their own unique take on the survival horror genre. Montague’s Mount takes place on a secluded and desolate island eerie scenery and bone chilling ambience. You are a lone sailor that has shipwrecked on this lonely isle and have to explore to solve the deadly mystery behind the island.

As I started out in my travels I walked down a lonely road up to an locked gate that diverted me to follow a path towards the beach front. All the while my character is monologuing to himself about his current state of affairs which is delivered in a nice bone chilling tone. As I head towards the beach front the colors of the world slowly melt into a greyish monotone vibe. I see a water well up ahead and investigate it and notice that the handlebar is missing to operate it. I look inside to see a key that glows a slight reddish tint, allowing it to stand out in the dark gloomy island environment. I manage to swipe the key and see another gate up ahead which I unlock. As I pass through the gate, the grisly reality of the island sets in as there is a pit with numerous dead bodies both in and around it. A light on the fence barely shines upon the pit as the shadows still cast overhead from the foliage around.

Looking around briefly I found a gas canister which also has the same red glow that the key had. I swipe right away and turn around and proceed down the dirt path onto the beach. The scenery there is anything but calm and cheery as the visual color tone becomes even greyer and I see what appears to be more dead bodies piled on top of each other and even some unmarked graves. Over in the small distances are a couple of open sheds. Inside the closest shed, I find myself a lever or crankshaft and then proceed to the other shed to find some sort of generator. Using the gas canister, a small timing puzzle starts up, which after a couple of tries I finally pass, activating the generator.

Now as to what the generator is powering is a mystery as well as the reason for all the deceased bodies that are near the beach. As I continue to follow the beach down, I see a small rotating light with a fog horn go off every few rotations. The closer I get, I see small lifeboats surrounding it and portraits of various things all over the sand. As I continue to move forward suddenly it starts to rain and my character’s vision starts to become cloudy and limiting. As the thunder roars in the distance, I can see a small and quick flash of red in my eyes followed by a quick series of heartbeats. As I try to survey the area, all I see is more emptiness and desolation down the shoreline.

Montague’s Mount so far is shaping up to set itself apart from other survival games with it’s own dark twisted atmosphere and unique puzzles. The dreary mystery surrounding the island is enticing enough to make we want to keep digging and find out why there have been so many marooned people that have so far all turned up dead. Did they all go stir crazy and kill each other or is there something sinister on the island that offed them? Well on October 9th 2013, everyone and myself will finally be able to uncover the secrets of Polypusher’s highly anticipated survival horror game, Montague’s Mount.

Also, help out the developers by trying to get Montague’s Mount greenlit. Head over to Montague’s Mount Steam community page and vote for it.



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