The Walking Dead March to War


Arm yourselves, gather your allies, and fortify your position as Disruptor Beam unleashes hordes of walkers and desperate survivors onto Google Play and the Apple App Store today with the release of competitive multiplayer strategy game The Walking Dead: March To War. Based on Robert Kirkman’s renowned comics from Skybound Entertainment, The Walking Dead: March To War is now available for free download worldwide. The game plunges players into a life-or-death struggle in the ruins of Washington, D.C., as they work with and against one another in real-time to survive in the The Walking Dead™ universe.

With stunning, handcrafted visuals based on the look of the comics, The Walking Dead: March To War immerses players in a world that is unlike anything seen in other mobile games. Players will navigate a massive, shared map of Washington, D.C. that includes real-world landmarks like the White House, and iconic locations from The Walking Dead universe such as Sanctuary and Hilltop – all locations that players will compete to control.

“Based on Disruptor Beam’s previous success creating immersive game experiences around iconic brands like Game of Thrones and Star Trek, Skybound entrusted us with bringing the world of The Walking Dead to mobile,” said Jon Radoff, Founder and CEO of Disruptor Beam. “Through the development of March To War, we’ve invented new ways to bring a level of graphic fidelity normally only seen in console games to mobile devices. The Walking Dead: March To War is not just great-looking, it truly raises the bar on what’s possible with visual storytelling in these types of games.”

“Disruptor Beam has an impressive track-record of bringing beloved franchises to mobile in a way that both respects and expands universes like The Walking Dead,” said Dan Murray, President of Skybound Interactive. “It’s obvious the team has genuine love for these properties and seeks to capture the essence of the IPs with which they work, just one of the reasons we wanted to work with Disruptor Beam. They’ve delivered an authentic representation of the comics on mobile devices with The Walking Dead: March To War. We’re thrilled that this new game will feel very familiar to fans of The Walking Dead.”

“No one is safe in March To War, least of all those who think they are,” said Joey Lapegna, Creative Director at Disruptor Beam. “Our goal, above all else, was to make March To War not just play like a Walking Dead game, but to feel like one too – an approach we take with all of Disruptor Beam’s games. Players will live and die by the alliances they keep, the enemies they create and the uncertainties that lay between, forced to choose carefully between aiding or destroying other players in their struggle to survive. Brace yourselves: It’s about to get bloody.”

To survive in The Walking Dead: March To War, players must:

  • Fight to survive by fending off walkers and other players, building and managing your base and defenses, and scavenging for vital resources.
  • Form alliances with other players – knowing that your greatest friend today could become your greatest enemy tomorrow.
  • Lead your community by training your loyal survivors, recruiting iconic Walking Dead characters such as Negan and Rick to be powerful council members, and by making critical decisions that directly affect the game.

The Walking Dead: March To War is available now for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play in four languages (DE, EN, ES, FR), with additional languages coming soon. Fans can register to receive game updates at and can also follow The Walking Dead: March To War on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.






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