New Year, New Army – Issue 4: March’s High Elves (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar)

Another week, another look at the army I’ve been making for NoVA OPEN come the end of August. For those new to the column, the goal here is to have a 2,000 point army for Narrative events. By the end of February I had 1,100 points done, so I was more than halfway finished. Of course that still leaves me with 900 points to go and I only had the Spireguard from the Spire of Dawn boxed set to go. This meant I’d have to start getting some extras pieces to hit my goal. Which is the first piece of the month.

From March 2nd to the 5th, I worked on a High Elf Chariot. Now, chariots aren’t the best piece in a High Elf Army, but it’s only 80 points and gives me some more ranged attacks and mobility, which is pretty much what this army is revolving around. Plus as a long time Tomb Kings player, it just seemed impossible for me to build an army without a chariot. It’s also a piece I might use in a Skirmish game, although with a Skirmish cost of 16 points, it’s probably not very likely. Here are a couple pictures of the finished chariot.

So that was one piece done. Then from March 13th through the 16th, I finished up my Spireguard, meaning that every piece in the Spire of Dawn boxed set would be finished. That’s ten figures in four days, which is pretty good. Here’s a look at the finished crew, along with shows of five figures each, and then the leader, followed by the Standard-bearer and Musician.

Yes, that’s all I did in March. It doesn’t feel like a lot, but it’s the same amount of figures I did in January – ten troops and a big piece, but it felt like a lot less this time around. This is probably because they aren’t a lot of points here. Only 200 for the month. So even though I painted another eleven pieces, it was my least amount of points in a month so far. Let’s take a look at the point breakdown.

10 Spireguard -120 Points
1 Chariot – 80 Points
Guardians of the Dawnspire – 40 Points
MARCH TOTAL: 240 Points

Now you’re probably wondering where those last fourty points come from. Well, because I completed the full Spire of Dawn boxed set, it means I had all the figures to form the “Guardians of the Dawnspire” battalion. It gives the boxed set pieces a couple nifty extras when fielded together in exchange for costing 40 points. To which I said, “Sure, why not?”

This brings me up to 1,340 points for my army, meaning I only need another 660. So essentially I’m a bit shy of three-fourths of the way there. This is good, because April would not be the best month for painting. We close on our new house on April 21st, meaning much of my time that would normally be reserved for painting, would now go to boxing, moving and unpacking instead. Would I be able to get anything done in April? You’ll have to see next week’s column to find out.

In the meantime we’ll end the column with a quick rundown of what else I painted in March besides my elves.

3/1 – The Dark Knight Returns Robotic Dolls by Knight Models.
3/7 – The Punisher by Knight Models (no longer available).
3/9 – Batwoman by Knight Models.
3/9 – Cyclops (slightly kitbashed into the Byrne/Claremont version) by Knight Models (no longer available).
3/21 – Richard Ryder Nova by Night Models (no longer available).
3/23 – Magneto by Knight Models (no longer available).
3/27 – The Black Widow by Knight Models (no longer available).
3/29 – EIGHT Tomb King Skelton Horse Archers by Games Workshop (no longer available).
3/31 – Hal Jordan by Knight Models.

Yep, just GW and KM as usual.



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