New Year, New Army – Issue 3: February’s High Elves

Well, unfortunately last week’s issue was delayed until this week due to a cat vet emergency. Sorry, but real life takes precedence over blogging about an army I built. Last week, we looked at the High Elven figures I painted for NOVA Open in January. This week we’ll take a look at what I painted in February. If you’re familiar with the Spire of Dawn boxed set for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, then you’ll recognize everything I painted in February, because it’s all from that. Now, let’s see what was added to my army.

The first piece added to my army was the High Warden, or elven leader of the Spire of Dawn boxed set. This elf, riding a griffon, will be my eventual leader for my overall Elven army too. You might think the Dragon from last month would be the leader, since it is the centerpiece, but the High Warden has a better command ability and it is nearly as durable. Plus people will instinctively go for the dragon anyway, keeping my general a little more safe. I painted this figure from February 7th to the 9th and he came out really nicely. Unfortunately, when I took him out of his army case to take pictures for this article, I noticed his flight base had snapped off in him and it was a bitch to get him elevated again. I eventually had to add a second flight base, but even know I feel he’s a bit unsteady. I really hate the GW flight bases, especially the ones for my Pegasus Knights. They’ve just never seemed to be sturdy. This is the first time I’ve had one break, and the High Warden is really secure in his army case, so I’m not sure how this happened – probably when we moved to our new house in April though.

So I had my two biggest pieces in the army done, not to mention by two fliers. You’ll end up noticed a lot of my army is mounted, which probably goes back to my time with Bretonnians and Tomb Kings – both of which were very horse and archer based. Anyway, speaking of horses, it was time to do both in one unit for my High Elves. I decided to next paint the Reavers from the Spire of Dawn boxed set. These are archers on horseback and are the only way to get these pieces in the Age of Sigmar era. There are five in the boxed set and that’s all I really needed. I decided to paint the horses a pale color to make them stand out from the shining silver armor of my High Elves. I finished these guys on Feburary 17th and like most of my elves, I’m really happy with how they came out. That’s another unit down and it again gives me mobility and ranged attacks. I think when I eventually play some AoS Skirmish games, I’ll have to take at least one Reaver for my warband, just for those two factors. These were the first thing I painted after our kitty, Grizabella died on Valentine’s Day. We had to put her to sleep after she had a bad stroke. She was nearly 20.5 years old, so she had a long life. Usually she sat on my lap and slept while I painted so it was a weird feeling not to have her there for these guys.

The final unit that I painted for my High Elves in February is a character piece. He’s a High Elf Archmage, which gives my army its first bit of magic. The Archmage was painted on February 23rd and that meant that all that remained for me from the Spire of Dawn boxed set to paint (elf-wise) was the Spireguard. Not bad, right?

So let’s look at the point breakdown for February –

1 High Warden: 220 Points
5 Reavers: 160 Points
1 Archmage: 120 Points


Hey, that’s a fourth of my army right there! Add in the 600 points from January and that gives me a combined 1100 points for my army so far. Only 900 to go. Of course, the remaining Spireguard from Spire of Dawn only nets me an additional 120 points, so I’m going to have to come up with another 780 points somehow. That means buying some other High Elven pieces to go with the set and my Dragon. What could I be adding to reach my 2,000 point goal? You’ll have to come back next week and see my March pieces.

Of course, I didn’t just paint these elves in February. Here’s a list of everything else I painted during the month.

2/1 – Marvel’s Sabertooth by Knight Models (No longer in print)
2/1 – The Dark Knight Returns Joker by Knight Models
2/2 -Calendar Man by Knight Models (Chase piece. Occasionally available).
2/2 – Jared Leto Joker (only available in the Suicide Squad boxed set.)
2/3 – Dyanmic Duo Batman by Knight Models
2/6 – Dynamic Duo Robin by Knight Models
2/13 – -Carrie Kelly Robin by Knight Models
2/20 – Black Panther by Knight Models (No longer in print)
2/20 – Daredevil by Knight Models (No longer in print)
2/20 – Vision (90s John Byrne style) by Knight Models (no longer in print)
2/21 – Superior Spider Robots by Knight Models (no longer in print)
2/23 – Quasar (kitbashed from a Sentry figure by Knight Models. No longer in print)
2/28 – The Thing by Knight Models (No longer in print)

So yeah, pretty much just GW and KM figures that month. Which, to be fair, in in fact nearly all of 2017 for me. So hopefully, we’ll see you back here next week as my look at my March High Elves.



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