Unboxing Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Two!

Two and a half years ago, I did an unboxing of the original Cthulhu Wars. It was massive. Becayse I purchased nearly everything, there wasn’t much for me to come back for with Sandy Petersen’s second Kickstarter. I could have picked up the stuff from Wave One I didn’t grab the first time around, like the Dreamlands stuff, but I decided to just get the core package without any add-ons. I haven’t even gotten to paint anything from Wave One yet and it takes up a LOT of space. Since the original Cthulhu Wars unboxing was so popular, I’m back to do it a second time. You would think that because I got just the core pledge this time around that this would be a small unboxing with only a few pictures. Ha ha ha. No. You underestimate how much stuff Petersen Games gives you for your dollar. Let’s show you what all came to my house late last night with Reaper Bones 3.

Behold the massive box everything arrived in!

The inside of the box. Some paperwork and paper to fill out the box for shipping.

The first of two ads in the box. This one is for “Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder.” You can purchase it here. On one hand, I’m tempted to get the leather version because I love all that Sandy has done over the years and I want to support him. On the other hand, I don’t really care for Pathfinder and was unimpressed by the recent Call of Cthulhu/Pathfinder Adventure Path that I purchased. So…we will see if I pick this up or not.

This second ad is talking about Cthulhu Wars, Wave 3 happening something this summer on Kickstarter. Jesus, I JUST GOT THIS. Why are you throwing another Kickstarter at us. Well, there are a few new things, but it’s also to reprint the core game which is sold out pretty much everywhere.

Here is the box with the packing material remove. My god…it’s full of Sta….MORE BOXES. It’s an insidious slope down to insanity. How many boxes must I open this night?

Let’s start with this small little box. What could be inside it?

Why, it’s the “Homebrew Faction _ Collectibles ’15” set. There are a few priests, a high priest, a satyr and more in here. I don’t even remember what this was for. The Kickstarter was like two years ago. Yay for extra parts.

Ah, another little box. What could be in this one?

Dice. It’s dice.

What’s inside box 3?

NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. YOU SO STUPID! SO STOOOOOOOPID! Oh wait, it’s more dice. Sorry, I went all UHF on you for a second.

Box four!

Inside is a miniature bust of Howard Phillips Lovecraft himself. Very cool.

Oooh! A long white box this time.

It’s some upgraded items for the core game.

All of the upgraded pieces couldn’t fit into the first show, so here are some of the rest. Not pictured are the many other Doom Tracks for larger games. If you’ve seen one Doom track, you’ve seen them all, am I right?

Another box! Have you gone mad yet from the neverending opening of toyetic Cthuloid merchandise?

Behold the horror of the gates in many colors. This was a fun Kickstarter exclusive entitled “The Colour Out of Space.” You can plainly see why. You don’t need all these colorful gates, but they make for good replacements and are fun to have anyway.


Inside the box lurks Glowthulhu, a glow in the dark version of Cthulhu from Wave One. Guess I won’t be painting this one.

A better look at Glowthulhu removed from its plastic casing.


The first thing inside this box is a bunch of glow in the dark Great Old Ones from Wave One.

Here are four out of the Ziploc baggie for you to have a better look. Can you name all four?

There was also some cards and TWO MORE BOXES inside this box with the glowy GOOs. Truly, it never ends.

Inside these two boxes were more glow in the dark figures. This marks the end of the little boxes we have to open. YAY!

Here is the first set of new figures. This is the “Cosmic Horrors” box. We’ve got a Yithan, a Dhole and Quachil Uttaus.

The back of the Cosmic Terror box.

Here is the Great Old One Pack #4. Inside you can see a Byatis, Tulzscha and two spawn of Nygotha. Heh. Nyogtha. Longtime DHGF and Inside Pulse readers should know that name extremely well, especially if you are a regular reader of mine. I WILL paint these two before the end of the year. How could I not?

The back of the GOO4 box.

Now for the first of two boxes that made me decide to back this time around. I give you the “Ramsey Campbell Horrors, Set One.” Glakki!!!!!!!! Eihort! Oh, and three insects from Shaggai. Glakki though. That’s the big draw for me. I love that weird little worm-fish thing.

The back of the box.

Here is box two of the Ramsey Campbell pieces. You get three satyrs, Daoloth and good old Y’golonac who is another of my favorites. Definitely worth picking this set up just for him.

Here is the front of the big expansion pack for this set – the Tcho-Tchos. Not to be confused with the Monchichis. Monchichi means happiness. Tcho-Tcho means madness and suffering. Do not confuse the two!

Here is the back of the Tcho Tcho box. Cthulhu fans should love this set. Not only do we finally get Ubbo-Sathla, but proto-shoggoths! No Mr. Smiley though.

The inside of the Tcho-Tchos box. I like the Tzeetchian pink used for the plastic here. It’s very fitting and creepy.

The new map expansion for Wave two is in this box -The Library of Celano. I didn’t pick up any of the other map or expansion packs from Wave One – just the figures. So this should be nice to try out.

The back of the box.

The inside of the box. You can see the rulebook, the molded up gamemap, some tokens and more.

Finally, we have the two unique figures from this set – The Custodian and the Librarian. What role could they play in this game?

—and that’s it. Thanks for sitting through forty different pictures from Cthulhu Wars, Wave Two. I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll probably see you in two and a half years with the unboxing of Cthulhu Wars, Wave 3.



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  1. J Smith Avatar
    J Smith

    Thanks very much for this! I think I must have backed at the same level and this was very helpful in making sure all the pieces and parts were there.

  2. Joseph Kay Avatar
    Joseph Kay

    Now onslaught two has arrived I need wave 3!

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