Unboxing the Reaper Bones III Kickstarter (Reaper Miniatures)

Nearly two years ago, Reaper Miniatures launched their third “Bones” Kickstarter. Reaper Bones are for low cost miniatures that are made out of a material that doesn’t need priming. They are almost always a single piece (save for the larger Bones figures), so gluing is rarely needed. I was one of the 13,465 backers that threw over 2.7 MILLION dollars at Reaper. Luckily I was also one of the first backers to get their pledge thanks to being part of Wave One, so I thought I’d do an unboxing for you so you can see what I got and how they came,

Here is the box that arrived this afternoon. Thin and long. Probably because I didn’t order any large pieces like I did in the previous 2 Bones Kickstarters. Just the basic pledge and a few add-ons.

Here is the boxed opend. You can see some packing material, although its just some air bags laid on top. The bad packaging will come back to haunt this order later on as we do the unboxing. There’s also a nice form showing everything in my order, a reference number and the name of the person who pulled everything – all of which will come in handy.

Here is the box with the air wrappers removed. You can see some of the core boxes, some figures in a bag and some brochures.

Here is the core box. This is what you get without any add-ons. It’s a cute little cover.

The back of the box. Note that there are over 150 figures in it. Wow.

This is everything in the core box for Reaper Bones 3. There are four bags of figures and four sprues of hard plastic akin to what Mantic makes its Kings of War figures out of.

Sprue set one and two. Weaponry and shields.

Sprue set three and four. More weapons and shields. It’s been two years since the Kickstarter so I don’t even remember what all is in these various boxes. I had to go and look things up on the Kickstarter page and the pledge manager.

The first bag of Reaper Bones figures from the core set.

Bag number two from the core box. You can see something dragon-y, a copy of Yeti-Ogre things and more.

Bag number three from the Reaper Bones core box. Here you can see some dark grey figures in with the usual white Reaper Bones. Again, these are more hard plastic ala Mantic than the previous Bones pieces I have from the first two Kickstarters. Of course, even the white figures feel noticeably different. There’re harder and far less bendy.

Bag number four from the core box of Reaper Bones 3. Jesus, I still haven’t painted much from Bones 1 & 2. I have a backlog of figures until I’m 50. I’m not joking.

These are the pieces for the Reaper Bone Shub-Niggurath. As it’s a large figure, it comes in several pieces you have to put together, preferably with super glue. They also did a Father Dagon piece, but I didn’t care for it. I only bought the things I absolutely wanted to paint, along with the core set. I’ll probably get this put together and painted at some point this year.

These are the pieces of the Mystic Circle, which was a $15 add-on. It’s a big piece of scenery I can use with Warhammer as well as general terrain. It’ll probably be the first piece I paint up.

These are the pieces of Kyra and Lavarath, which make up a female warrior riding a dragon. Again, multiple uses for this one and my wife likes it when I paint dragons, so it was an easy add-on choice for me.

A big bag of bases. Great for converting Warhammer Fantasy Battles to Age of Sigmar I suppose. In truth, Bones pieces don’t come with bases, so these are for those of you who want some for your figures.

This is the Town Extras pack, which was an add-on added on (heh) after the Kickstarter. It was a pledge manager exclusive. It’s a few little scenery pieces like a gallows, executioner, fountain, treasure chest and the like.

The last bagged add-on was “undying lords” which is just a few various undead aside from your usual human being pieces that supersaturate the market. This small set has a draconian, dwarf and minotaur for example.

Now lets move on to the boxed expansion…which are full of more bags.

First up, this is the front of the Mythos (aka Cthulhu Mythos) collection. It is of no surprise to anyone who remotely knows me that I chose this. Interestingly enough, this Kickstarter arrived the same day as my Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 2 one. Oh my god, so many boxes and bags.

Here is the back of the box, complete with an adorable Bones Dark Young – another reason I grabbed the Shub-Niggurath.

Here are the contents of the bag. Notice again the grey hard plastic pieces mixed in with the usual bones. There are creepy artifacts, some Deep Ones, some Call of Cthulhu player characters, a Gug and more. Lots of fun to be had here. Although they aren’t the quality of the pieces made by Uncle Mike’s Worldwide, I can probably use a lot of these with Strange Aeons, a Cthulhu skirmish game.

Finally we have the last box in my order – the Graveyard expansion. Again, this was a no brainer for me.

Here is the back of the box complete with three figures that I’ve painted as Reaper metal pieces. The two wraiths and the “space vampire.” I painted all three of those in 2015. In fact, here is the review of the female wraith. Yay for cross-posting.

Here is the first of three boxes. This is the hard plastic pieces that will make up of the Cathedral/giant tomb thingy.

Bag 2 is comprised of fences and decorations. Again, all hard plastic crammed into that little box. I think you can tell what I’m foreshadowing.

Finally bag three is full of the usual white Bones pieces. There are some tombstones, monsters, thematic decorations and the like. My plan is to combine all this with my Garden of Morr to make a skirmish board for batman Miniature Game and Age of Sigmar.

Unfortunately, Reaper didn’t do the best job with packing this yet. Bones are pretty bendable, except for that god forsaken Jabberwocky from the first Kickstarter which was the most brittle miniature I’ve ever encountered. However, the hard plastic is not. The problem is they packaged the hard plastic pieces like they would the squishy Bones guys and the end result is that a LOT of my Graveyard expansion arrived with bits broken off. This is just one example.

Here is another example of broken stuff. I’m disappointed in the lack of care with this, but this is also the first time they’ve packaged plastic and Bones together. It’s also the first time in dozens of orders that I have placed with Reaper where there is any damage, so I’m okay with this as long as they send me out a replacement box after they get all the other orders out. I’m in no hurry and they have many thousands of orders to go. I sent them a message on Facebook and via the Kickstarter, so hopefully I’ll hear from them soon-ish. It’s a shame my graveyard board will be on the backburner, but what can you do? It’s because of the broken pieces in the Graveyard expansion that I didn’t unbag any of these. I want to make sure I hear from them about the broken stuff before I open anything further.

So we’re done with the figures, but there is still more to look at. I won’t bother you with the ads for figures or the brochure for ReaperCon, but I will share this. It’s a cute four page guide on how to properly paint your Bones figures. Here’s the first.

Here are the second and third. I will definitely agree that Bones do not need priming, but paint does flake off them easily so you can’t just “Duncan” Bones with two thin coats. Bones need thicker paint coats than any other figures I’ve painted. I will say that I have also spray primed the larger figures so I don’t have to get frustrated with all the flaking, and it worked wonderfully. I painted

Finally, Reaper gives us a quick and dirty painting example for a Bones dwarf. Wonderful!

So there you go. This was my Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter pledge. Looking back at my unboxing of Reaper Bones 2, it appears my order was a lot bigger with that one, although so was the core box. Flip between the two. Overall, I’m happy with what is here and I am hopeful Reaper will get back to me soon with info on how to replace my Graveyard expansion. Keep checking Diehard GameFAN to see in-depth reviews and pictures of some of these pieces as I paint them.



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  1. DarkSpade Avatar

    Just a heads up, while your graveyard fence spikey bits are definitely broken, those other pieces are separate on purpose. For example, that first piece is part of the hinge for the door. I think the little square piece are for the fence columns. I’m currently searching for confirmation of that and that’s how I found your article.

    I’ve been doing some dry runs on my crypt. Sad to see that with all that detail they put inside, they didn’t make the roof to be removable by simply lifting it. If assembled correctly, it’s permanently held in place by the narrow walls. Going to take some trimming if I want to be able to just lift it off.

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar
      Alexander Lucard

      I just put together and primed my Crypt this afternoon and it was indeed a bitch to put together if I wanted to make the roof removable.

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