Unboxing: Disgaea 5 Complete Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Today marks the official release of Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch. However, those that purchased the Limited Edition direct from Nippon Ichi got theirs a little early. I decided to do an unboxing for you so that you can see what all you get in this edition. They have VERY FEW COPIES LEFT, so if you’re interesting in grabbing one after perusing the Unboxing, click here to grab it.

Here is the larger hard slipcover that Disgaea 5 Complete and all its loot comes in. It’s very similar to the slipcovers they do for their anime…just Switch sized.

This is the back of the slipcover.

The front of the case.

The back of the case.

The case insert is reversible. Here is the other side if you prefer this picture to the default one.

The Limited Edition comes with a two CD soundtrack. How quaint in these times. Here’s the front of the case.

here is the back of the case along with a list of the tracks.

The first of the CDs

The second of the CDS

A Prinny keychain. Why is this Prinny yellow dood? Well, you’ll have to play the game (or Google for spoilers. I mean the PS4 version has been out for a while) to find out.

Here is the first of two pin sets that come with the game. These are the main characters from Disgaea 5.

The other pin set features the cash cow of Nippon Ichi – the original Disgaea cast.

Next up is the poster set, still in their wrapping. I don’t hang up posters since I’m not a teenager and I suck at refolding them, so this is how they will stay. Sorry.

Here is a look at the back of the poster packaging where you can see Void Dark and Axel 2.0. Okay, he’s not really Axel 2.0, but he is the comic relief slash stupid team member of this Disgaea incarnation.

Finally we have the artbook. As always, Nippon Ichi outdoes themselves with their artbooks. This particular one is small in size, but it is crammed with content and lovely pictures.

A sample from the art book.

Another set of pages from the artbook.

One final look at the artbook.

Well, there you go. A quick look at everything that comes with the Disgaea 5 Complete Limited Edition! It’s my second special edition purchase for the Nintendo Switch (I think it’s obvious what the first one was…), which is pretty good for the system considering I rarely purchase these and the Switch is so new. This is a definite must have for Disgaea fans and you do get your money’s worth with this purchase. Again, the remaining stock of the Limited Edition is practically nill, so if you want one, you need to go over to Nippon Ichi’s webstore and snag it NOW.



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