What We’re Playing Now Volume 2: Caligula Effect (Vita), Hakuoki Kyoto Winds (PS4), Persona 5

Every week, the Diehard Gamefan team plays a wide variety of games. Here is what we’re all playing this week!


I picked up the LocoRoco Remaster for PS4 and will put some time into that this week. It looks amazing on the big screen. I’ll also keep going on Zelda Breath of the Wind now that I’ve defeated all four Divine Beasts, I’m going to grind Shrines and then do the Master Sword before finally tackling Calamity Ganon.


Video Games – Looks like I am halfway done The Caligula Effect for the PS Vita and I just started playing NBA Playgrounds on the Nintendo Switch. Both are disappointing. Injustice 2 dropped for IOS, so I will give that a go by the time this goes live as well.

Tabletop – Painting up two sets of Dragon Princes/Dragon Blades for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. After this (and a kitbashed Mage riding a lion), my High Elf army will be done!


I finished The Caligula Effect late Tuesday night and I’m sure my review will be up before this is posted. The game was disappointing, and it feels like the worthwhile elements were too few and far between. It ended up being a just a massive pile of lame side quests and obtuse dungeon design. It didn’t help that only half of the cast was interesting. Oh well. I’ve played worse.

I also went ahead and played the first episode of Guardians of the Galaxy. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it bereft of the usual Telltale problems, it also went back to giving you room to explore some locations, as well as had an interesting story with decisions that went beyond “does person A or person B die here?”. Telltale is slowly winning me back between this and the new season of The Walking Dead (which I also have an unplayed episode of to get through soon).

Looking ahead, getting The Caligula Effect out of the way might finally give me a chance to start Prey, which has been collecting dust on my desk since Friday.


Needing a break from Persona 5, I delved into Dragon Quest Heroes II, which addresses many of the criticisms I had of the original while introducing new ones. During my playthrough I noticed that the fan in my PS4 was distractingly loud, so I went through the arduous and fun process of backing everything up and moving to a new console. At least now if I decide to play something that’s actually a graphical powerhouse, my console won’t light on fire.


I’ve mostly just been working on Hakuoki Kyoto Winds (and the review for that) and playing Fire Emblem Heroes. I’m even more grateful for the GOOD localizations (with actual care put into them) we get after watching the landfill fire that is Taisho x Alice’s localization, with its Katakana (Alice) and Hiragana (Alisu) and erotic tissues and surfer dude WHOA! So yeah, instead of buying that game, buy Kyoto Winds. Or Ozmafia. Or Collar x Malice. Or, really, anything that’s not the English version of Taisho x Alice.


Raced through Trails of Cold Steel on NG+ and now started up Trails of Cold Steel II because apparently Fire Emblem Echoes is out Friday. I took a break and played an hour of Ace Attorney 6 but put the game down because the widow was talking to a picture frame. I shouldn’t have been surprised, it’s Ace Attorney for crying out loud but I was just kind of “yeahhhhh I should go…”

I still hate Miyuki Crow.



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