What We’re Playing Now Volume 1: The Caligula Effect, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Persona 5

Every week, the Diehard Gamefan team plays a wide variety of games. Here is what we’re all playing this week!


Painting-wise, I’ve taken a break due to moving and the packing/unpacking that comes with it, but my gaming room is set up so I’m hoping to start painting my High Elf Dragon Princes next week, finishing off my High Elf army for NoVA Open by the end of the month.


I’ve been chipping away at Persona 5 pretty much the whole month of April. Very rarely do I drag out an RPG this long, but I’m being far more thorough than I typically allow myself to be and it seems like whenever I get close to wrapping things up, another plot thread begins that extends out the game. I enjoy the game to bits, but damn, I really hope I’m coming up on the last dungeon soon.


I’m currently going through Hakuoki Kyoto Winds. The good news is that the fandisc content added to the PS3 version in incorporated into the main game and that there are twice as many feudal pretty boys to woo (I certainly won’t complain about adding to the endless otome harem). On the other hand, the game ends at what would be the halfway point in the previous versions, which leaves the endings feeling like cliffhangers. Hopefully there won’t be too long a wait for the second part. In between the wooings, I’ve also been grinding away in Fire Emblem Heroes (and enjoying mowing down enemies with my new BFF Hector).


At the moment I’m replaying Trails of Cold Steel for the Vita because I like pain. Originally my goal was to finish Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice on the 3DS before Fire Emblem Echoes drops later this month but apparently I feel the need to race through Cold Steel and announce how much I hate Miyuki trash Crow.


I too am playing The Caligula Effect, although in this case for review. It’s been a while since my Vita got real workout like this, so I’m grateful. Beyond that I’m occasionally dipping into my new game plus for Persona 5, which I’m realistically hoping to earn the platinum trophy for. Already hit a home run in the batting cages, and that appears to be the most difficult one in the bunch! Oh and I have a couple Telltale episodes on my PS4 that I swear I’m going to just burn through soon.


I honestly haven’t spent a lot of time playing much this week; I’m working on a review for Persona 5 but that doesn’t involve more than checking back to things as I reference them. I’ve purchased The Caligula Effect and intend to play it sooner rather than later, but I haven’t had a chance to boot it up.

On the other hand, we had the opportunity to break out Fury of Dracula at board game night this past weekend, and that was a surprisingly good time outside of the time we spent learning how to play it. It definitely has its downsides, but it’s not a bad experience all in all, especially if you can get yourself a Dracula player who’s skilled in bullshitting.


I haven’t really been playing much thanks to my dissertation, but when I have gotten a chance, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Heroes and Final Fantasy XIV. Mostly Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve been trying to max out the Beast Tribe quests, work on my anima weapon, and randomly leveling up different classes.


Despite having played the Wii U version for 100+ hours, I have been spending some time in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch, mostly in handheld mode. It’s so gorgeous! I also decided to do a playthrough of Strider 2, as you can have unlimited continues even if you suck (which I did). With the announcement of Darksiders 3, i re-downloaded Darksiders 1 and might spend some time in that as well. I’m still putting in time in Breath of the Wild as well.



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