The Panic Room

«Panic Room» update: the Puppeteer prepared new challenges for IOS players

NIKITA ONLINE announces the IOS update for one of its key projects, «Panic Room: House of Secrets». High level players will be able to take on a new challenge – «The poisoned puppet».

«The poisoned puppet» is a new character that can be found in the luxurious Victorian mansion full of terrifying mysteries just like every other captive. Once the player reaches level 25 they receive a new quest from the Puppeteer, a mysterious figure that oversees the ominous house, that requires them to heal a puppet before they run out of time. The mechanics of the new update are as follows:

1) The player receives a new quest that leads them to the front of the house, where they can see a silhouette near the entrance;
2) The player may choose between creating a new event or joining their friends in an existing one;
3) When the player creates a new event or joins an existing one, they see a challenge window that allows them to use up to 5 items (from weakest to strongest);
4) The player chooses an item to heal «the poisoned puppet».
5) The player can invite friends to join them in the created event and their success depends on the common effort;
6) The event needs to be completed before time runs out;
7) The event ends after the players have donated enough points or ran out of time. Individual results are tallied and the players receive corresponding rewards;
8) Once players have won or lost, they may choose to restart the event.

«The poisoned puppet» allows fans to put together in-game collections and receive prizes. The update has already been released for the browser version of the game.

«Panic Room: House of Secrets» is available on the App Store ( and the Facebook, (, «VKontakte» (, «MoiMir» (, «Odnoklassniki» ( social networks.

«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» is a detective social and mobile game in the “hidden objects” genre. Carefully selected music, detailed graphics and exciting plot – all this creates the intense thrilling atmosphere that encourages you to balance between danger and curiosity. Waking up in a Victorian-style mansion, the protagonist finds out that the luxury house has become his prison. And that he is locked there with other prisoners of the psychopath calling himself the Puppeteer. To get out of the house, our hero has to perform the tasks of his captor, but eventually a thirst for freedom gives some place for a desire to reveal all the secrets of the maniac who is so skilled in pulling strings of human lives.






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