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Esports major driver behind record growth for PC gaming in 2016

VR/AR has slow but steady start as Open Gaming Alliance announces 9th annual report

The Open Gaming Alliance (OGA), a non-profit association focused on the games industry business, announces plans to unveil its ninth annual research report in June; but, will be unveiling top-level insights to OGA members. This report, prepared for the OGA by its Research SIG (in association with M2 Research) will be discussing its findings on how eSports is the powerhouse behind fueling the growth for PC Gaming in particular, and how VR may be falling short of the hype at the moment and when it will see real growth.

The report will also take an in-depth view of the impact on spending globally for all gaming segments, both hardware, & software. Pictured below is a sampling of an updated snapshot of the trend lines for growth among the major gaming platforms from a software perspective.

OGA member and Research Subcommittee chair, Matt Ployhar attributes the factors behind the growth we see accordingly, “While the eSports phenomenon isn’t new, what is amazing is the explosive growth we continue seeing in this arena. Overall it remains the single most incredible marketing tool and vehicle for reaching video gamers of all types globally.”

Ployhar continues, “When you combine the elements of the established big tournaments for games like DOTA 2, World of Tanks, League of Legends and so forth with newcomers for some of last year’s biggest games such as Overwatch; you end up with an unbeatable combination fueling growth. Couple this with what Twitch and YouTube have been doing for video game viewing and it then becomes quickly apparent why there continues to be such meteoric growth for gaming, and especially PC Gaming, that’s contributing well over $0.5 Billion annually as its own segment. ”

“The other big anticipated opportunity for growth of course is in virtual and augmented reality,” commented Wanda Meloni, VP or OGA’s Board of Directors and CEO and Principal Analyst of M2 Research. “The market across all platforms has had a slower than expected launch, but we believe VR/AR willl start to really come online by the end of 2017 and early 2018, both in terms of units and revenue.”






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