Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy Charges Forth Into Beta

From the creators of Insurgency, New World Interactive is excited to announce its World War II first-person shooter, Day of Infamy, is entering beta. What originally began as a community-focused mod for Insurgency, Day of Infamy has amassed its own unique features as it has gone from mod to Early Access alpha to Early Access beta.

Some of the notable additions to the beta update include:

  • A new stats and rankings system with several rank levels to attain, and when players advance, their character model will display the arm patch of their rank.
  • A Unit system, which rewards players with cosmetic inventory adding diversity to each faction and expanding historic representation.
  • Air Support – All factions now have a Carpet Bombing option, while the U.S. Army have a Mustang strafing run and the Germans have a Stuka dive bomber, with their fearsome siren.

With the beta release, New World Interactive is providing one Unit per faction exclusively to our Early Access customers. Anyone who buys the game after launch next year will not be able to obtain these Units, unless they are traded for on Steam.

These “First Wave” Units are based upon units that served during the outset of the Second World War: Gordon Highlanders (Commonwealth), 1st Ranger Battalion (U.S. Army), and Infanterie Division (German Wehrmacht). There are already several more Units in progress, such as Fallschirmjäger, 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions, 92nd “Buffalo Soldiers” Infantry Division, Canadian regiments, Australian regiments, Indian regiments, and even more planned.

For a full list of changes, read the patch notes on New World Interactive’s blog post here:

For increased transparency while in Early Access, New World Interactive has outlined a roadmap for Early Access here:

Day of Infamy is available now for $19.99 on Steam for PC and Mac. To celebrate the move into beta, Day of Infamy is available for 25% off in the Steam Winter Sale. Insurgency is also on sale for 80% off its retail price.





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