Unboxing of World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

Since its announcement, World of Final Fantasy has pretty much lived in the shadows. It debuted to a rather muffled response from the public and was forgotten about until its release date was finally unveiled. Previously, it would’ve landed the month after Final Fantasy XV, which likely would have overshadowed any potential fanfare it may have gotten, though now that that game has been pushed back, WoFF has transformed into something of an appetizer of sorts. Not to be outdone by its brethren, WoFF too has its own expensive collector’s edition that can only be obtained from the Square Enix store for a hefty $119.99. It’s currently sold out, though you can add yourself to the waiting list if you missed your window.

First and foremost, this thing is far heavier than it appears. I almost dropped it when I first scooped it up as I was not expecting that much resistance.

I captured the sides and top too. There was nothing of note on the bottom.

Okay, I can hardly take the suspense. Let’s see what makes this thing so damn heavy.

Why is there a book in here? If I wanted to read, I wouldn’t be playing vid…


Not a toy, you say? Then… what is it?… Nevermind, let’s open this up further.


I had issues getting some of these pop up pages to, well, pop up properly. But I didn’t want to force it for fear of ripping something.

There’s a compartment on the side that reveals more goodies.

Close up of the artbook incoming.

The set includes a soundtrack, though looking at the song listings, I didn’t recognize the tracks. I wonder how much “classic” FF will be in this in regards to the music.

I took some shots of the base game, so you can see how puny it is compared to this massive box.

I haven’t purchased many collector’s editions this year, but I did enjoy the contents of this one. The outer box is made from sturdy materials, and the pop up book is a really neat piece to have. The art book and soundtrack are standard fare, though it remains to be seen how much I’ll enjoy the tracks of the latter. The set is also quite expensive for what you get, especially when you factor in shipping. Still, if World of Final Fantasy itself turns out to be halfway as decent as the packaging it comes in, I will be happy.



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