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Altruistic GiftsWhile I was at Gen Con this weekend, we stopped at an interesting booth. What caught my eye was actually a clock in the shape of a Hylian shield. My kind of place, I thought to myself. I looked around the booth and saw many other things that caught my eye, including props, dice towers, tea lights, and deck boxes.

While I didn’t end up with a Hylian shield clock (still kicking myself a little bit about that),  I did get a chance to meet the owners of booth 166: Altruistic Gifts. I ended up getting a triple deck box (see below), featuring Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Sailors Jupiter and Mercury, two of my favorite scouts from Sailor Moon. I got to pick out the sides from a surprising number of options, ranging from symbols to pop culture references. They glued the sides on right then and there, wrapped a rubber band around it, and told me to wait half an hour and come see them if there were any issues. They were really nice and talkative, and we had a great discussion while checking out.

I also picked up a tea light for my boyfriend’s grandmother, which I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of. The tea lights are interesting in that the fronts are interchangeable, unlike the deck boxes. This means you can buy one tea light and several front covers and change them out as you want. For my boyfriend’s grandmother, we picked out Minnie Mouse and snowflake covers. It came with a tea light as well, so we picked a blue one.

She absolutely loved it.

In fact, she talked about it so much that I kind of wanted one of my own. So we went back. They remembered who we were and were happy to help out.

I picked out a Legend of Zelda and Iron Man cover and a yellow tealight. It is now prominently displayed on my bookshelf in my apartment. I’m already looking forward to having people over so I can show them.

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give someone for their birthday or an upcoming holiday, check out Altruistic Gifts. They have all kinds of reasonably priced gifts, including cosplay replicas, t-shirts, gaming card boxes (they hold 80 sleeved Magic: The Gathering cards), shields, dice towers, tea light boxes, pendants and key rings, among other things. On their website, they also have a clearance section, if you’re on a budget. They’ll even customize your order for you, where possible.

Me? I’m considering asking for a custom Persona tarot box to hold my Persona Q tarot cards.



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