Playism and Labo Game Studio would like to announce that “Memento” has now been released

Memento is an Action Horror Adventure game with multiple endings and a true JRPG style.

A paradise lost; an island full of memory.
Those who forget the horrors of the past will pay the price…

From the award-winning indie studio, Labo Game Studio, comes Memento.


Things go wrong for the heroine during her school trip to a war museum on a nearby island as she wakes up in an alternative setting where the island has never shaken itself free from its scars.

Now the haunted war machines are back, with a thirst for blood and revenge.

Escape the horrors of the island and free yourself from the haunting memories that we may never forget.


  • A fully panned out script with rich characters and multiple endings
  • Detailed pixel art drawn from 3D rending that helps create a well made mix of immersion and presence.
  • Music composed using the next generation virtual sound instrument, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, enhancing the atmosphere.

Title: Memento
Price: $5.98 ($5.38 during launch sale)
Developer: Labo Game Studio
Publisher: PLAYISM
Release Date: July 8th, 2016





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