Phantom of the Kill’s first two crossover events to be with Brave Frontier and

gumi Inc. and Fuji&gumi Games announced that the global version of “Phantom of the Kill,” which was released mainly in North America and Europe in 121 countries in the Google Play Store and 138 countries in the iOS App Store on May 19, 2016 (PDT), will hold crossover events with “Brave Frontier” and the Japanese idol group “”

The famous Japanese idol group “” will appear in the game’s “Dempa-Jacked” event. The original Japanese version of the event was received with great acclaim.

We hope you enjoy the two crossovers!

■ Brave Frontier Crossover

Called “Phantom of the Brave,” this event has been ongoing since June 23rd (PDT).

The globally famous “Brave Frontier” characters will make an appearance in this event.

4★-5★ Lunaris: Available only in Brave Frontier-themed recruiters.
4★-5★ Vargas: Available only in Brave Frontier-themed recruiters.
3★-5★ Selena: Available as a free reward via the event quest.

In addition, “Metal Gods” familiar to “Brave Frontier” fans will appear in a special version of the “Metal Garden” event quest, which will give players more experience points than usual.

This is the perfect opportunity for “Brave Frontier” players to start playing “Phantom of the Kill,” as they are certain to enjoy the event.

In Brave Frontier, players will encounter Tyrfing, Laevateinn, and Zero from Phantom of the Kill to commemorate a special collaboration starting from June 24th (PDT). Tyrfing will be recruitable from a limited-time Vortex dungeon, while Laevateinn will be given as reward for logging in throughout the collaboration period. Finally, Zero will be available through a limited-time Summon event, and will be a Unit evolvable to the Omni Evolution tier.

■ About Brave Frontier
Explore the land of Grand Gaia and save it from the evil hordes of the corrupted god Maxwell in this epic mobile turn-based role-playing game. As powerful summoners, you have the ability to conjure powerful demigods, brave warriors and majestic beasts to fight for you! Brave Frontier features over 400 legendary heroes and beasts to collect and evolve, an addictive-yet-simple turn-based action-packed combat system, and over a 100 missions including ongoing weekly challenges and special dungeons.

■ Crossover

Called “Dempa-Jacked,” this event will start on July 1st (PDT).

“” will make an appearance as original  characters inside “Phantom of the Kill.” Famous already in Japan, the idol group is currently gaining in popularity worldwide. The charms of each member are reproduced perfectly in their characters, which will surely be a delight for “” fans!

■ About “”
Dempagumi inc. is a Japanese idol group, composed of six girls, Mirin Furukawa, Risa Aizawa, Nemu Yumemi, Eimi Naruse, Moga Mogami and Ayane Fujisaki. They belong to “DEARSTAGE” and are active in various fields.

All the members are originally hard core geeks / otakus of anime, manga, games, fashion, art, etc. each pursuing their own hobbies! They have recently attended the Tokyo Collection, and have been collaborating with many creators such as MIKIO SAKABE. Their one-act concert sold out ZEPP TOKYO.They have not only grabbed attention in Japan, but globally as well, through a fashion event in Jakarta and a concert in Taiwan, for example.
The single, “Sakura Appareshon” ranked #3 in the Oricon charts on March 12th, 2014. Then in May 6th, their concert successfully filled Nippon Budokan with 10,000 people. In addition, they have announced a world tour. The album “WWDD” ranked #3 in the Oricon charts on February 18th, 2015. Then for the first time, their new single “Otsukare Summer” ranked #1 in the Oricon charts on June 17th.

For the first three months of 2016, they released singles and held their biggest tour yet in Japan. On April 27th, they released a new album “GOGO DEMPA” in April 27th. From July, they will be touring together with various artists from different genres in a series of two-act performances in their “Hayabusa Kagayaki Tour 2016.”

■ About Phantom of the Kill
“Phantom of the Kill” has over 3.5 million downloads in Japan, and has also won the Google Play 2015 Best Game award. This mobile tactical RPG game has been localized into English and released in 121 countries in the Google Play Store and 138 countries in the iOS App Store, mainly in North America and Europe.

The 3D battle will change dramatically with a flick of a finger. You can enjoy the dramatic story with the mysterious girls with their legendary weapons. The opening animation created by Mamoru Oshii is a must see!

Turn the tides of war with a swipe of your finger in this tactical role-playing game that combines strategy with drama!

◆Opening Animation Supervised by Mamoru Oshii◆
Under the editorial supervision of Mamoru Oshii, the world-famous director of Mobile Police Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell, we created a true anime experience and delivered it to you in-app for free. Dynamic cinematics surpass anything you’ve seen in animation before!

◆Strategize, Lead, and Attack Single-Handed◆
Easy to use touch controls- exactly what smartphone gamers have been waiting for. Get started in no time. Zero frustration…just fun!

◆Fight Your Way to Glory with Wild Units and Weapons◆
With over 50 unit classes and six weapon types, the possibilities truly are endless. Add dragoons, swordmasters, mages, gunners, and other units to your team, form the perfect party with insanely cool weapons, and then lead them to victory! Try your hand with axes, lances, swords, and other weapons at your disposal. How will you defeat your enemies?

▽Game Information

Title Phantom of the Kill
Genre Tactical RPG
Release Date May 18, 2016
Supported Devices Smartphones (excluding certain models)
Regions North America and Europe
Price Free-to- play with in-app purchases available
Copyright ©Fuji&gumi Games
Twitter @PhantomKillGame

■About gumi Inc.

Founded in 2007, gumi Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 3903) is a leading global mobile game publisher and developer headquartered in Japan, with overseas operations in China, France, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. The company has proven success in launching titles worldwide, such as the widely popular role-playing game Brave Frontier. With ongoing publishing and development projects on various platforms, including iOS, Android, and more, gumi aims to change the world through innovative entertainment products and services, including both original content and collaborations with popular IP. For more information, please visit .

■About Fuji&gumi Games

Founded in January 2014, Fuji&gumi Games, Inc. is a joint venture between Fuji Startup Ventures, Inc. and gumi Inc. that develops mixed-media online mobile games. Leveraging gumi Inc.’s strengths in online mobile game development and global expansion with the content planning ability and marketing power of Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., which includes Fuji Television, the company creates content to be enjoyed worldwide. Their first title, Phantom of the Kill, launched in Japan in October 2014. Having seen over 3.5 million downloads and achieved the Google Play Best Game award in 2015, the mobile tactical RPG continues to be a favorite among users. Their second title, For Whom the Alchemist Exists, launched in Japan in January 2016. This popular mobile 3D tactical RPG combines an epic story with a wealth of advanced strategy elements.





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