Vamped Games Announces Kickstarter for Funk Unplugged

Funk UnpluggedVamped Games has announced another Kickstarter campaign for Funk Unplugged, a 3D performer described as “a love letter to the golden age of N64 platforming games.” According to the developers, the game features bright, colorful worlds to discover, challenging platforming puzzles, a bumpin’ soundtrack, and oodles of collectibles. Play as Ampy, a bright blue amplifier brought to life, and harness otherworldly powers to alter the world around you, creating new and unique paths to tread as you leap ever onward to save the day, and also… our ears.

Click here to play a demo of Funk Unplugged.

Funk UnpluggedRelease date: Spring 2017 (intended)
Price: USD 14.99 (intended)
Console: PC, Xbox One (intended)
Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Narrative and Plot

The latest in sonic amplification technology, Ampy started life as a regular ol’ amplifier. Passed from band to band, both world-famous and garage-bound, Ampy just simply loved to play. To Ampy, music was everything. However, there’s only so much touring a little amplifier can do before it’s time to rest the circuits. Settling down on a tranquil little island, Ampy got ready to enjoy retirement playing soft music for the local wildlife and finding a new sound with a group of easy-listening beach bums.

Funk UnpluggedThings aren’t sunshine and sandy toes for our little hero, however. One day a bright light shines upon him and his partner Mic transporting them to the world of Rockhalla, a mysterious land where the legends of music gather and a force called The Funk creates a paradise. Here the Funk imbues Ampy and Mic with its power transforming them into the heroes this mystical land desperately needs!

The Evil Gmen have come to corrupt the Funk and end all music once and for all! Now Ampy has to save Rockhalla and with it music as we know it! Will he be able to stop the Gmen in time? Or is Rockhalla doomed to fall into darkness and despair?!

Game Features:

  • 25 playable levels
  • 6 unique overworlds to explore
  • 7 crazy awesome boss battles
  • Heaps of collectibles and secrets to discover
  • Abilities and power-ups to help you scale platforming challenges, solve puzzles, and beat back baddies
  • A full soundtrack
  • Bright, colorful environments
  • Charming and nostalgic visual style
  • PC and Xbox Version Slated for Release

Level Outlines:

  • Ballad Beach – A once peaceful beachfront has been turned upside down by the coming of the G-Men. The beach is a mess, the world-famous lighthouse in shambles and the once peaceful sea life turned deadly!
  • Arctic Aria – Far away in the Great North, the G-Men’s botched concert has stirred something ancient in the mystical ice caves of the Arctic Aria. High in the mountains, primeval creatures stir, while down below the local inhabitants spread word that an ancient hero walks the Earth once again.
  • The Jungle of Cleft Island – Deep in the Jungle of Cleft island lies an ancient ruin of unimaginable power. There, a nefarious plot by Evil Records unfolds. Tapping into ancient powers. the ruins have come alive pouring bad vibes into the once tranquil surrounding land. The locals fear their old gods will return, and some say strange and ancient creatures now roam the jungle.
  • Lord Beatoven’s Castle – In the deep dark of the Treble Woods lies a long abandoned castle once ruled by one of the greatest musicians of all time. Rife with hidden paths and dark corners, this castle holds its share of terrible and dark secrets. For decades the castle has lain dormant, its secrets kept safe behind its stone walls. But recent events have opened these halls once more and Evil Records has moved in, preying on the powerful musical secrets within.
  • Balladwood Studios – Balladwood Studios has a long tradition of making some of the greatest musical films ever created. That was, of course, until Evil Records moved in. Now Balladwood churns out some of the most generic, trite garbage ever conceived and these films are now the source of Evil Record’s great power on Earth. Some say they may even be more than just films, but of course that’s just rumor… right?
  • New Tempo City – New Tempo City was once the greatest city in all the world, a shining gem filled with lights, technology, and music as far as as could see and ears could hear. When Evil Records opened a headquarters within this great city, something about the populace changed. Holographic police now patrol the streets and any music not approved by Evil Records has been outlawed. They say there are some who still would stand against Evil Record’s vile rule, but who among them could have that kind of power?

About the Developer:
Vamped Games is a scrappy indie studio hailing from the illustrious halls of DePaul University in Chicago, IL. As a team, we’ve been together for over a year and have been hard at work on developing Funk Unplugged for about 9 months, both in and out of school. Each member of Vamped Games has over 2 years of experience in game development, bringing their own special touch of expertise to the table.

Full Disclosure: The author is coworkers with the level designer of this project.






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