Game Collection Roundtable 02/15/2016: Unravel (PS4), Disney Infinity 3.0 Saga Bundle (PS4), An Octave Higher (PC), Warhammer: Age of Sigmar -Grand Alliance: Death

Every week, the Diehard GameFAN team adds new games to their collections. Sometimes they are new releases, physical or digital, DLC or full games, but they are all building blocks in our greater collections.


Video Game

The Room
Cahors Sunset
An Octave Higher
The Perils of Man
Reveal the Deep
Black Island
Swordbreaker The Game
Reverse Crawl
The Big Secret of a Small Town
Rusty Lake Hotel
Sword Coast legends
Disgaea PC


Warhammer: Age of Sigmar -Grand Alliance: Death
Tomb Kings Skeleton Chariots
Tomb Kings Skeleton Horsemen
Screaming Skull Catapult
Prince Apophas
The Changeling


An Octave Higher (PC)
Narcissu (Himeko’s Epilogue (PC)

Both of these were a result of the Lunar New Year sale. I got An Octave Higher after playing through the developer’s previous two games (Sage Fusion 1 and 2). Likewise I’d been waiting for the 10th Anniversary edition of Narcissu (Himeko’s Epilogue in particular) since playing through the first two (why no I didn’t need those feels that are being stomped on today).


Disney Infinity 3.0 Saga Bundle (PS4) – Huzzah! I now own every version of the game and my figure collection can truly begin! It stands only about sixty or so at the moment. Haven’t had too much time to dig into this yet, as a good half hour was spent simply registering all my figs into the game. Also been busy with another game….

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PS4) – Got a crazy awesome press version of this to review, and have been dedicating myself to it since it arrived. Seems pretty par for the course so far, but it does appear to have an impressive amount of content. Hoping to bang out a review early next week, so look for it.

Marvel Legendary Secret Wars Expansion Volumes 1 and 2 (tabletop) – Yeah. I’m addicted to this game. I bought the core set a month ago and already of five of the available eight expansion. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had two more by this time next week. The only one I don’t know about is the Fantastic Four one, since it’s out of print and selling for two hundred bucks a pop. These two sets are fun though. Finally added the likes of Doc Strange, Black Panther, Magik, and Beast. AND it gave me Captain America riding a T-Rex. Played a couple of solo runs and a one two-player run so far and it’s been awesome.


I picked up Unravel this week and it’s pretty good but I take great offense to the main character’s name – YARNY. It’s the most generic least creative name imaginable!

Anyway, what did everyone else grab this week?






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