Unboxing of Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition

Did you ever find yourself playing Monster Hunter and think to yourself “I wish I was doing this but with Final Fantasy characters and monsters”? Me neither, but knowing that it’s actually a thing makes it sound really appealing. So when a collector’s edition of Final Fantasy Explorers was announced, I was all in. It retails for $69.99 on the Square Enix store if you were lucky enough to get one, though as of this writing it appears to be sold out. Let’s take a look at what you would’ve gotten in case it’s enticing enough to go eBay hunting, shall we?

Oh. My. God. I love the cover art on this version. Yoshitaka Amano does a mean cover.

The other angles aren’t nearly as impressive I’m afraid. But I will say that the outer box is very durable and well made. It certainly won’t tear or bow as easily as other collector’s editions that are out there, which is nice. Here’s what’s inside:

Let’s zoom in on that slip of paper first. Though not the backside, of course. This simply contains codes for some DLC weapons.

The soundtrack comes in a jewel case, rather than a flimsy cardboard one, which is a bonus. The track listings are laid out on the inside cover.

The art book is a soft cover one and just barely small enough to fit in the box. I had a heck of a time getting it back in after I took these pics.

The 3DS case has a decent design I guess, but there’s nothing remarkable about it otherwise. I took a picture of the inside just so you can see what I mean.

Hm, looks like the game actually has a manual this time. Or does it…?

Well, better than nothing I suppose. Now how about that size comparison?

Overall, it’s a pretty solid set. The outer box is made very sturdy, which is nice. I really liked that the soundtrack actually came in a jewel case. I don’t need yet another 3DS case, so that addition was a bit of a letdown, and the art book was an awkward size for the box. Still, I love, love, LOVE the cover art, so it will look great on my shelf. Let’s hope the game itself makes it worth taking up that space. Excuse me while I get to it.



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  1. snakeyes646 Avatar

    Got mine yesterday and I love it all but yes the art is amazing and looks superb!

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