Game Collection Roundtable 01/17/2016: PSN Essentials, Resident Evil 0 (PS4), Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

Every week, the Diehard GameFAN team adds new games to their collections. Sometimes they are new releases, physical or digital, DLC or full games, but they are all building blocks in our greater collections.


Six games from the PSN Essentials sale this week. All old PSX titles for 2-3 bucks each

Final Fantasy VII
Parasite Eve
Dino Crisis 2
Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger

I’ll let you guess which are for me and which are for my wife’s PSP.


New Batman Miniature Game Releases!

Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn

Court of Owls Blister #2




Mark B.

Pony Island – PC
No One But You – PC
Resident Evil 0 – PS4

Three games this week, of which only one wasn’t a review copy. Pony Island is rad as hell though, and I’d happy pay for it again, to be honest, in case my review didn’t convince you it was worth the five bucks it costs to download. I can’t really go too in depth with the other two, except to say that once some of the dev bugs in No One But You are worked out it’ll probably be a really fun visual novel, and Resident Evil 0 is exactly what it was back in the day, but mildly prettier, so take from that what you will.

Also a shitload of stuff is on sale on PSN this week so I’ll probably buy some PSX games at some point, and if you don’t own Xenogears, you should too.


Xenogears (PSN)
Parasite Eve (PSN)

Both of those were from the PSN Essentials sale. I’d been wanting Xenogears, and I never got the chance to beat it back on the PSX. Getting Parasite Eve was fueled by nostalgia (actually, so was Xenogears) and wanting an easy way to replay it (also it was only $1.50 so I figured why not).


Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

Because you can’t own this system without having this game, from what I understand. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, though.


Energy Cycle (PC) – Review copy. A simple puzzle game, and one that hasn’t been able to hold my attention so far.

Punch Club (PC) – Kind of addicted to this. Purely time management, so don’t get your hopes up for a full fledged boxing game with RPG elements. It’s not that at all. Brutal learning curve, but the game doesn’t seem to punish failure as hard as you might think. It’s currently scratching the same itch that Game Dev Tycoon did.

More Disney Infinity stuff: Ordered the Toy Story play set and accompanying Woody figure. Once they get here, that will leave me with just the Lone Ranger set to buy from 1.0 in terms of those. Still got several figures to grab though. Don’t worry. I’m actually playing them. The Cars one wasn’t half bad, really. With tighter controls and greater variety of race tracks, it could be really fun. Supposedly, that’s something that exists in 3.0, so I can’t wait to move onto that down the road.

I also bought Tharsis for my laptop, but it ended up not running well enough. I sent it back for a refund. I may grab the PS4 version while it’s on sale, but I really wanted to play it on PC.






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