Miniature Review: Batman: The Animated Series – Catwoman (Batman Miniature Game)

Batman: The Animated Series -Catwoman
Publisher: Knight Models
Cost: 16.49€/$18 USD
Release Date: 12/19/2015
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So here we are with the second Batman: The Animated Series release for the Batman Miniature Game While Batman was the OBVIOUS first choice (the game IS named after him, after all), Catwoman was a surprising second choice. Most people assumed Joker, but as we have a ton of Joker releases already, I’m very happy we received a new Selena Kyle. There’s only one other Catwoman for the game so far and it’s the Arkham City version. I’m not a fan of the costume or sculpt for that Ms. Kyle, so this is a welcome option. B:TAS Catwoman costs less points than her Arkham counterpart, but she’s also less powerful. Both figures will certainly have a specific niche in the game, but oh my god is this sculpt a terrific improvement in every way! Let’s take a look at her from beginning to end to see how nicely Catwoman paints up and why she should be a definite addition to your BMG collection.


So here we are with Catwoman in her blister. As you can see, she is one solid piece. No gluing together tiny arms or legs. This makes Catwoman a fantastic piece for newer or younger gamers to start off their BMG collection with.


Here is a shot of Catwoman’s character card for BMG. As you can see, she’s well designed but that low stamina means she can be knocked out super easily. So use her for objectives or when you need a bit of lethal damage on an opponent who needs a finishing blow.


Catwoman removed from the package along with the base. It’s painting time!


Here is Catwoman primed in black. Now, while her gloves, boots and part of her mask will be black, I won’t leave the primer as the actual paint coat/color. That never works out well unless you are drybrushing skeletons or something. It’s also worth noting at this point that her whip is part of the metal tab insert. So for those of you who hate/don’t use, slotted bases, you have your work cut out for you with trimming that off of the tab. Good luck to you!


So here we begin with the painting. Since the bulk of the figure is grey, I started with that. As usual, my go to grey for BMG figures is Dawnstone since it’s a perfect fit for the grey used in the cartoons and comics. By starting with this, I get the majority of the figure in its primary color and I can clearly see what else needs to be painted. After that I took Reaper’s Pale Skin and did the areas of exposed skin. This is a good start that lets me see how the eventual figure will turn out and I’ll really liking things so far.


At this point it’s time to finish work on the face. Citadel’s White Scar and Warpstone Glow gave me the eyes I was looking for while Blood for the Blood God made for some wonderful lipstick. After that, it was time to do the black parts of the costume with Abaddon Black. You can really see the piece coming together now and how fantastic the final product will look. This is a terrific sculpt and along with B:TAS’ Batman, this new line is easily some of the best work Knight Models has done.


Now the last details to work on are the whip, belt and diamond. The whip was an odd one. If I did it grey, it would blend in with the costume, but if I did it black, it would get lost in the glove and boot. What I ended up doing was choosing a dark grey-black that stood out from both the Abaddon and Dawnstones. This was Eshin Grey (although Stormvermin Fur would have been a fine choice as well.) So now the whip looks right, but also isn’t lost in the other drab dark colors of Catwoman’s costume.

The belt was a simple Averland Sunset coat.

The diamond was a bit hard. I’d never done one before. Rubies, Emeralds and various coins, sure. A diamond, especially something that big, was new to me and I didn’t want to screw it up. So here is what I did. I first did a basecoat of Citadel’s Ceramic white. Then I traced all the edges of the diamond with a thinned out version of Runefang Steel to make the piece gleam. Then I did a very tiny bit of Ice (Skink) Blue dabbed on each of the diamond’s facets to give it color. The end result made a decent diamond that looks like light it glinting off it. I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but alas, I couldn’t find a tutorial on diamond painting and so had to wing it. I’m okay with the end result.


Here’s the backside view of the finished Catwoman with all the touch ups and lines cleaned up. There are definitely some noticeable seams on the character like on her left leg. Try to tell me the figure doesn’t look great from this side though. You can’t. This is such a fantastic miniature through and through.


Here’s a top-down view of Catwoman so you can better see the whip as part of the tab insert for the slotted base. It’s a nice idea but it’s going to be a bitch to get this off if you aren’t a fan of KM’s bases (or slotted bases in general).


Finally, we have a front side view of the finished Catwoman. I’m really happy with how she turned out and again, she’s one of my favorite Knight Models sculpts. This and the B:TAS Batman should be your first pieces if you’re new to BMG. You can field them together and have 130 points of your army right there. These are so great new releases and if you haven’t preordered them already, you can still purchase them over at Knight Models’ website. I am really excited to see what other Batman: The Animated Series figures will be released for the Batman Miniature Game. There are so many great characters from the show I’d love to see fielded in the game. My #1 pick is Killer Croc throwing a big rock. Maybe in a few months?



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