Unboxing of Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition

There was a time where I doubted the original Xenoblade Chronicles would ever get a western release, much less a potential sequel. Yet, here we are with a special edition to boot. At approximately $30 more than the MSRP for the regular edition, you can have a long box containing an art book, art print and a flash drive containing the soundtrack. I was a little saddened that the package got dinged up in transit (Y U do dis, Best Buy?), but at least the contents of the box made it in one piece. Let’s see what we’re working with:

Those are some sad looking creases, am I right? Well, let’s see the contents to get our minds off of it.

The art book is off by itself, while the game, USB drive and the print are on the plastic tray. The art print is under the game.

I enjoyed the thickness of the art book, you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of quantity of images. It’s a shame it’s not hard cover though.

The USB drive contains the game’s soundtrack. I know little of the lore of this particular entry, but this looks suspiciously like something out of Xenosaga

The art print that was oh so cleverly hidden is pretty nice.

Those with the standard edition should be familiar with this sight. Shame there’s no manual though. Nintendo hasn’t quite caught on to what Bandai Namco knows, which is that collector’s edition buyers love their manuals.

Here’s the size comparison between the outerbox and the retail copy.

I’m glad I bought the set, though it certainly could’ve been better. I would’ve preferred a CD soundtrack for one, plus a hard cover art book would’ve been more desirable. Also, despite having access to a digital manual via the game disc itself, a paper copy would’ve been awesome. Still, it’s a nice looking set and I’m just glad that the game is getting released at all much less getting a CE that’s worthwhile. Anyways, thanks for checking out another unboxing!



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