Unboxing: Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition and Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide Collector’s Edition (PC)

As we all know, Fallout 4 came out today. Unfortunately for a lot of people that wanted the Pip-Boy Edition, supply fell WAY short of demand. Since I had a copy coming from Amazon (via points, so I got the thing for free), along with the Survival Guide (I collect Fallout guides, but I never read them until after I beat the game. Also free with Amazon points. What can I say? I saved up!), I thought I’d do a photo unboxing for those of you who are curious. Below are thirty-six photos with some spoilers if you decide to enlarge the guide pictures to where they are legible (just click on them to do that), but otherwise it is just some visual goodness for those who want to see the Pip-Boy edition. Let’s take a look.


Both the Pip-Boy Edition and the guide together. It’s insane how large the Pip-Boy Edition is. It’s honestly a little bigger than my Sega Dreamcast. I should have taken a photo of both of them together.


Top of the packaging in its sheath.


Back of the packaging with the sheath on.


The container with the sheath off. It looks like metal, but it’s actually a very sturdy thick plastic. Still very cool.


Top of the container.


Back of the container. Curious what those inscriptions are on the back?


Bottom inscription.


Top inscription


The opening of the container. You can see the game resting above the Pip-Boy Edition


Steelbook edition of the PC game. Man, it’s so rare you see PC games on discs these days outside of bargain bins at Target and Wal-Mart. The last two I got were Shadowrun Returns and Shadowgate via Kickstarter. Fallout 4 is in fine company with both those games.


The two manuals that came with the Pip-Boy Edition. The Condensed Version of the Survival Manual is your video game manual (PC Game manual! Very retro) and the Pip-Boy Operational Instructions is both an actual manual for the physical Pip-Boy and also some gaming fluff. It’s very well cone.


Inside the Steelbook are a Perks poster and an ad for the Season Pass. I’m waiting to pick my season pass up until things are announced. Considering the location, I’m hoping for sove Lovecraftia and more Salem goodness.


The inside of the Steelbook and the CD-Rom for the game. True story, my computer kept giving me an error when trying to read the disc. SO I just entered the Steam code that came with it. Apparently, this is a fairly common issue with internal drives and modern physical PC games thanks to DRM. When will companies learn?


A nice big picture of the poster.


The survival guide on its own


The inside of the Survival Guide. Yep. It’s only two pages long. Still more than most games get these days.


The Pip-Boy manual on its own.


Some interior fluff pages from the Pip-Boy manual


A look at some interior pages on actually using your new Pip-Boy in real life.


Some more fluff from the manual.


Okay, let’s actually look at the Pip-Boy proper. Here’s the right side of the casing. It’s a very thick plastic and heavier than you might expect for the material. Still nowhere as heavy as a real metal Pip-Boy from the game world would weigh though.


The side of the Pip-Boy you’ll be see most often. It’s here where you’ll interact with your mobile device of choice -if it fits in the Pip-Boy.


The bottom of the Pip-Boy. It’s here when you undo the latch and slip your arm in.


The top of the Pip-Boy. As you can see, not a lot of detail to this piece save for the side you interface with.


The various foam inserts that you will use in conuuction with your phone to protect it.


The inside of the Pip-Boy Container once everything has been removed.


My arm in the Pip-Boy. It’s very snug. I think larger or heavier-set people are going to have a hard time getting this on. It looks cool, but it also feels a bit unwieldy. I can’t really imagine walking around in public with this on, but it would be great for Halloween or Cosplay if you’re into that. It’s a fun bit of nerd novelty. Nothing more, nothing less


Now it’s time for the Survival Guide Collector’s Edition. I went for this because Hardcover is always superior to paperback, especially if you really are going to leaf through something. Plus it was only two dollars more, so why not? The pouch that came with it are some SPECIAL posters, which ‘ll throw away or give to someone who cares about this sort of thing.


Here are four of the posters. Yay.


The full Boston map with all locations and an enemy level guide. Crazy. If you want spoilers, click on through for a very large image.


The back of the poster is the same thing but for the Commonwealth. Holy crap is this game big. I’m excited to explore every nook and cranny. Alas, Salem looks like it’s going to be a hell of a time. It appears to have some of the most powerful enemies in the game according to the chart.


Some interior pages of the book.


Another interior page showing some holotape locations


The book also contains information about every type of being you’ll encounter and their stats. Here is a look at the settlers. God knows you’ll spend a lot of time with these guys.


Some of the many helpful tips the book contains.


Finally, as a reward for sitting through this whole Unboxing, here’s a picture from the guide that lists all the Bobblehead locations. You know you want to look!

Thanks for taking a look at my Unboxing. Maybe I’ll see you out there in the Wasteland if you’re on Steam. If you’re waiting for our review, I’m sure someone here at Diehard GameFAN will have one for you shortly.



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