Kickstart This: Funk Unplugged

Funk UnpluggedFunk Unplugged is a new adventure game available for funding on Kickstarter. Vamped Games‘s goal is $25,000 to cover funding for the development and testing of the game. They say the game will be available for Mac and PC.

The developers describe Funk Unplugged as “a love letter to the golden age of N64 platforming games.” The game is described as having “bright, colorful worlds to discover, challenging platforming puzzles, a bumpin’ soundtrack, and oodles of collectibles (obviously).”

Funk UnpluggedThe main character, Ampy, is an amp that has been left behind by its former bandmates. Ampy has been brought to life by Feedbac, a quirky, ethereal being who investigates intergalactic sound transmissions. The antagonist, Evil Records, has established a presence on the planet and are trying to spread bad vibes with their newest, worst band yet: The G-Men. Feedbac fuses with Ampy, bringing the formerly-defunct amplifier back to life and bestowing strange, wonderful, alien powers to combat the nefarious influence of the G-Men and their garbage music.

Funk UnpluggedThe full game will feature 25 playable levels, six unique worlds, seven boss battles, collectibles and secrets, abilities and power-ups, and a full soundtrack.

The demo can be downloaded here, and a video featuring gameplay footage can be found below.

If this interests you at all, consider backing the game here. The campaign has until December 4, 2015 at 12:02pm CST to gain to reach its goal of $25,000 to be successfully funded.

Disclaimer: The author of this post knows some of the members of Vamped Games.



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