Walkthrough: Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Hello and welcome to Diehard GameFAN’s Corpse Party: Blood Drive walkthrough! After the first two walkthroughs basically exploded, in terms of popularity, I figured a walkthrough for the third game might be worth considering, and since this game follows the first game in terms of how it’s structured, it’s definitely a game that would benefit from a strong walkthrough for those who are struggling. As with the prior games, I opted work with the guide as I played, typing out the steps taken as I went through the game so as to keep track of things at the time. As before, there is a Japanese Wiki available that explains in detail how to complete the game (located right here for those who are interested), which I used for reference at a few points; as with the prior guide, the Google translation here is just shy of unintelligible, but it’s kind of helpful if you’re good at inferring. For those who’d rather not spend ten minutes trying to figure out what some of the more belabored translations mean, though, our guide here should be able to answer most of your more problematic questions.

This is normally the point where I’d thank XSEED for bringing the game stateside, but I’m going to be honest: while XSEED did a good job with this, I didn’t enjoy playing it, and I honestly wrote this because it’s become a habit to do this thing. That said, you clearly paid money for the game, and I forced myself to play through this thing, so I’ll simply say thank you to XSEED for doing an amazing job translating the game, and I’ll keep my personal opinions to myself for the rest of the guide. Sound good?

Anyway, bear in mind the following observations before we begin:

1.) This guide is about as spoiler-free as I can possibly make it, meaning that some of the events and items you meet aren’t readily identified, but the sequences you’ll encounter them in are.

2.) I am bad at directions in real life, so it’s entirely possible I may have written something in a way, direction-wise, that doesn’t really work out as intended; if so, feel free to point this out and I’ll clarify and correct it as best I can.

3.) If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section at the bottom; I am here to help.

Okay, so the first thing I want to get across here is that the game more or less works the same way the first game did; it’s an isometric adventure game, basically, where you move around, interact with things and avoid monsters, and anyone who remembers how the first game works will remember how this one works too. As such, I will list the mandatory events in regular text, as such, non-mandatory events in italics, as such, and endings in bold, as such. This way, if you are wondering what you have to do to get to the next plot point or BAD END, or what you should be looking out for, here you go. NAME TAGS will also be listed in some of the italicized sections, so if you’re looking to collect everything in the game, keep an eye out. Further, the end of each chapter will list all of the NAME TAGS you can collect in the order they’re displayed in the collection screen, so if you’re missing a NAME TAG, you can easily reference that page, see what entry it is, then confirm where it is through the guide.

By the way, if you’re finding that collecting the NAME TAGS or avoiding Phantoms is getting you killed, I should note here that the game retains all NAME TAGS in resident memory, so as long as you save at some point it’ll save that you collected them, and if you save and load, all Phantoms will reset to their default generation points, so you can ditch followers with ease this way. Unlike in prior games, I abused the hell out of both of these things, so keep them in mind.

Also of note: if you haven’t played the prior two games, the good news is, this game fills in so many of the details from those games that you’ll probably not be too lost, so you don’t have to run out and buy them if you missed out. The bad news is, those were almost unilaterally considered to be better games, so I’d recommend playing those first, if only because you’ll enjoy them more.

Now then, let’s get down to business.

Chapter Zero: A Faint Light
No Nametags
One Ending

There’s not a lot to this chapter, honestly; it’s more of a tutorial on how the new mechanics work, and there’s no hidden stuff or BAD ENDS for you to find, so it shouldn’t be hard to get through on your own. The first couple of sequences where you’re given control of a character are meant to just be for advancing the plot, so, during Ayumi’s section, just talk to everyone and walk through the school gate, and in Satoshi’s section, just run toward the door to advance. Otherwise, there’s just a lot of background story in the beginning here, and nothing else.

Once you gain control of Ayumi proper, walk up to the mailbox to examine it (and save your game if you like), then head off to the left to find another set of mailboxes. Examine the mailbox again, then head upstairs for more tutorial action. Walk up to the left door, knock, then open it. Once inside, heading to the left triggers a scene (that unlocks nothing), while heading to the right brings you into the kitchen. Here you’ll want to examine the table and the fridge, and then head north into the living room.

Once in the living room, check the table for a spare set of batteries (and the other knick knacks around the room for flavor), then head to the left to enter the bedroom. All you have to do here is interact with the red box on the bed, which will then trigger story into taking over, which will neatly carry you to the end of the chapter.

Chapter One: Returning
One Nametag
Two Endings

Chapter One starts off with an extensive amount of exposition, as we get into a lot of explanation surrounding the creation of Heavenly Host and the reasons behind why we’re apparently going back into it. There are two instances where control is returned to you before the actual game kicks in, both of which are outside of the convenience store in town. Whether playing as Ayumi or Yoshiki, you can explore around the general area to see some odd events and dialogue, but all you have to do is talk to Yoshiki (in Ayumi’s sequence) or leave the screen edge (in Yoshiki’s sequence) and you’re done. The story proper picks up after Yoshiki’s sequence, and afterward we’re officially back in Heavenly Host for some horrible times.

Upon starting the gameplay sequence, you’ll want to head south, then east in this room to leave the room. Once in the hall, you’ll need to head north until you discover a broken floor that needs a board to cross it (because some things in this series never change). Head south until you find a body, and to the right of that body there’s a board propped up on the wall for us to take.

Note: Inspecting the body will net us a NAME TAG (Goto Toshihisa). There are also some BANDAGES to the left side of the hall, and the bucket on the right hides BATTERIES.

Head back to the north, then place the board over the gap in the floor to cross and head east for a cutscene. Head west for another, then run to the east until the game takes over and explains the hiding mechanic. Once you’re prompted to leave, note that while we will need to head east, then south, while doing so you will eventually trigger the ghost to chase you from the south. You can hide again if you like, but I just led the ghost to the western area where it was first discovered, then ran a circle around it because the attack animation on the ghost takes forever and you can safely dodge.

BAD END #1: Let the ghost kill you.

(Aside: I’m aware the game now calls them “WRONG END” but after two games of calling them BAD END I’m not changing it just because they did, 5PB can go piss in the wind.)

Either way, head east, then south to trigger another event and finish the chapter.

Name Tag List:

Goto Toshihisa

Chapter Two: Respective Desires
Twelve Nametags
Two Endings

We start this chapter off, not by following anyone we know, but rather with a sequence featuring new characters that’s… revealing, if nothing else. The game gets into the action fairly quickly, though, and we pick up our time in the school playing as a new group from the prior chapter. We’re also introduced to the concept of swapping lead characters here to spread out damage taken. Once you’re in control proper, head west for a cutscene about using the toilet and finding dead bodies.

Note: The cutscene will automatically add a NAME TAG (Ukyo Abe) to our collection.

Head west, then north for another cutscene, which introduces the concept of Talismans as a form of fighting back against random spirits, as well as “Darkening” as a mechanic. Head west to enter the stairwell between floors.

Note: There is a body with a NAME TAG (Ogasato Shimase) on the first floor landing of the stairwell.

Note: There is another body with a NAME TAG (Urin Akiyama) at the top floor landing.

Head up to the second floor landing and exit through the doorway on the right, which will kick on a cutscene that introduces tripwires into the game, as well as instructions on how to cut them. Cut the wire to proceed forward.

Note: There is a body with a NAME TAG (Kazuhisa Iida) just past the tripwire, next to a spirit.

Interact with the spirit if you like, then move south and east (be mindful of a tripwire obscured by the foreground) for a cutscene. Grab the plank.

Note: Before leaving, there’s a doorway just north of you; enter it for a body with a NAME TAG (Yuga Takahashi) on the floor. Head to the left to find a pack of BATTERIES, then open the furthest right bathroom stall for a NAME TAG (Airi Hayase).

Return to the prior floor, then head east (passing the save candle from the start) until you hit a T-intersection. There’s nothing to the north, so head south and use the board from earlier to make a bridge.Head across the bridge, then west, and deactivate a trap wire.

Note: Just past the tripwire, you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Leona Ohmura) here.

Head west into another stairwell.

Note: On the middle landing between the first and second floors, you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Iori Soramachi) and some BANDAGES.

Note: If you head to the top landing and exit the stairwell, you’ll enter a spiral staircase landing, and find a body with a NAME TAG (Emi Wakatsuki) on the ground level. Heading up the stairwell at this point will fill in some backstory, but is otherwise not fruitful.

Head to the second floor landing, then east into the second floor proper. You’ll find a candle and a hiding locker here. Head east for a cutscene, then head back to the first floor since you cannot move forward until you do so. Head east to a door, which leads into the music room, for a cutscene.

Note: Before doing anything else, examine the body to the left for a NAME TAG (Sumito Ogiwara).

Heading east triggers a tutorial on flesh floors and Darkening. Head further east to the piano for another cutscene, then head south for another. Talk to the spirit for an explanation on Darkening, which works more or less the same as in the prior game (except it’s not metrically tracked anywhere). Examine the body for another scene, then interact with Haruyuki for another. Leave the music room, then head back to the second floor from here. Head north and disable the tripwire at the hall entrance, then head north again for a cutscene. Head a little further north and disable the tripwire in the hall.

Note: If you head north to the end of the hall, you can find a body with a NAME TAG (Yuji Sanuki).

Open the door on the right to enter a storage room, which will trigger a cutscene.

Note: In the middle path, along the bottom of the table by the entrance, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Kota Gomibuchi). There’s also a statue on the table that cures Darkening if you’re so inclined.

Head north, then east to the curtains for a cutscene, then head south and interact with the tipped over bookshelf to crawl under it. Interact with the camcorder here for a cutscene, then crawl out and leave the room. Head west for a cutscene, which spawns a ghost; you can either hide from the ghost in the closet south of here, let the Talisman destroy it, or (as I did) run a bit north, let its AI commit to a swing, then juke around it and head west. Either way, head west down the hall for another cutscene. Head west for another scene and a choice.

BAD END #1: Either choose to let him go, or make no choice for a few seconds, which the game will take as implicit consent.

Choose to stop him here for another cutscene and the end of the chapter.

Name Tag List:

Urin Akiyama
Ukyo Abe
Kazuhisa Iida
Leona Ohmura
Sumito Ogiwara
Kota Gomibuchi
Yuji Sanuki
Ogasato Shimase
Iori Soramachi
Yuga Takahashi
Airi Hayase
Emi Wakatsuki

Chapter Three: Pain
Fourteen Nametags
Three Endings

Into a new chapter, and lots of storyline to start things off. When the gameplay picks up you’ll be in control in the nurse’s office. Head north to initiate a cutscene, after which you’ll place a candle on the floor.

Note: To the left there are BANDAGES on the floor, and a body with a NAME TAG (Kazumi Fujishita) on the bed.

Check the nearby heater for a pack of matches, then leave the room for another scene. Head north from here for another scene, then into the stairwell, and up to the third floor. Enter the third floor entrance and head west into the hallway.

Note: Entering the doorway to the north brings you to the boy’s bathroom; examine the last stall for a body and a NAME TAG (Yusuke Ohkawa).

Head west, then north to the doorway, and interact with it for a series of cutscenes. Once you’re back in control, head east for another cutscene and a candle placement, then head downstairs to the second floor.

Note: The second floor doesn’t have a lot going on that’s mandatory, but here’s the highlights:
Class 1-A: the classroom you started your game in, along the west wall, now has a TALISMAN, BATTERIES, and a body with a NAME TAG (Hijiri Ikeda).
Class 2-A: In the class along the north wall, a TALISMAN is here, along with a hostile spirit that will PROBABLY burn it out immediately.
Cass 3-A: In the other class along the north wall, a scene featuring a familiar face.

Once you’re done on the second floor, head down the east side stairwell to the first floor.

Note: The west side stairwell down contains nothing, but the east side contains a body with a NAME TAG (Kenichiro Yokomizo).

Once on the first floor, head west until you reach a four way intersection.

Note: Head west from the intersection for a body with a NAME TAG (Norie Ichikawa).

Note: Head south from the intersection into the first floor entryway, then head west for a body with a NAME TAG (Kabosu Sawa). There’s also BANDAGES along the southern side of the room, but be mindful of the tripwire before it.

Note: Head north from the intersection and, along the right side of the hall, you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Takaharu Furutate). Entering the classroom on the left side of the hall (6-A) will also net you a TALISMAN and BANDAGES.

Head further north for another scene.

Note: Directly north of the T intersection is class 4-A, in which you’ll find a Strawberry Milk Bun, which you may consume on the spot, take with you or leave, though consuming it seems to have no effect beyond mild healing. Also, to the south, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Sari Kataoka).

Head to the east and enter the door in the northeast corner to find the Janitor’s room. Talk to the spirit here for a bit about the Science Room Key, then head up to the third floor via the western stairwell. Disarm the tripwire on the third floor, then head east and enter the classroom to the north. This leads into the Library. Head into the northwest corner and talk to the spirit here, who will let you pass without a fuss, allowing you to collect the Lab key.

Note: There is a body with a NAME TAG (Mai Koshimizu) in the northwest corner of the room, and another body with a NAME TAG (Mika Orie) in a seat in the southwest corner of the room.

Head back down to the second floor, then head east to the T Intersection, then south until you reach the massive wall splatter. The door on the opposite wall, just past the glass patch, is the Lab, and that’s our current destination. Unlock the door and go inside.

Note: There is a body with a NAME TAG (Kazunori Tomita) along the south wall, and another body with a NAME TAG (Yashiro Toji) in the center of the room.

We’ve come here for an alcohol lamp that’s inside the cabinet in the upper left corner of the room; collecting it will kick in the plot for a bit before giving you control again. Leave the Lab and head north, into the stairwell and up to the third floor. Head west, to the door from earlier, and use the alcohol lamp to burn your way in. This kicks in an event where you’ll hides in the newly opened room (a bathroom), and some events play out. When you take control again, you’ll need to swim toward the spirit calling you, and the game generously gives you about a minute of time to do so.

BAD END #2: Fail to swim to the spirit in the time limit.

What you actually need to do is swim up and around to the right, then down to the spirit (who is in the bottom center part of the room) to continue, which will get you another break with more plot. Head north and talk to the spirit for a bit more, then head south and exit the hallway. Head south and pick up the wooden plank, then place it across the gap to the west in order to progress. Head all the way back to the Janitor’s Room in the northeast corner of the first floor, and examine the cabinet on the north wall for a classroom key. Head west and interact with the very next door you see to use the Classroom Key, which will let you into Class 5-A. Interact with the Ouija Board here for a clue of where to go next.

Note: Clip the tripwires as you go, and you’ll find BANDAGES on the east side of the room, as well as a body with a NAME TAG (Ryunosuke Sugimoto) on the west side of the room.

Head to the second floor, and on the west side of the second floor you’ll get another scene. Enter the classroom for another cutscene, and when you’re in control, you’ll have to dodge a spirit that’s trying super hard to end you. The good news is, all you NEED to do is run out of the room, and each Talisman counts as one free hit. The bad news is, one hit from this spirit will basically kill you outright, so run fast and leave the room.

BAD END #1: Let the ghost kill you.

Once you’ve left the room, wait for the cutscene to end and head back in, then collect the key from the west side of the room. Once collected, head to the first floor, then to the door in the southeast corner, and unlock it to go out onto the walkway.

Note: Take the north exit from the walkway, then head north to find a body with a NAME TAG (Saki Mizuki).

Head to the east and pick up the book from behind the bench to finish out the chapter. This unlocks EX Chapter One and Two, which have nothing but dialogue, so we’ll not be discussing them here.

Name Tag List:

Hijiri Ikeda
Norie Ichikawa
Yusuke Ohkawa
Mika Orie
Sari Kataoka
Mai Koshimizu
Kabosu Sawa
Ryunosuke Sugimoto
Yashiro Toji
Kanzunori Tomita
Kazumi Fujishita
Takaharu Furutate
Saki Mizuki
Kenichiro Yokomizo

Chapter Four: Pillars of the Six Demons
Thirteen Nametags
Seven Endings (no, really)

You’ll start with some more cutscenes before taking control in the Janitor’s Room. Pick up the matches from the floor by the heater, then leave the room and head west.

Note: During this stage, and several subsequent ones, the game begins unleashing a substantial amount of Phantoms on the player; in this case, a single Phantom will begin following you around CONSTANTLY, complete with a woman’s voice screaming “No, Don’t!” and Phantoms will spawn in other rooms, which can lead to situations where, and this actually happened to me, you’ll be beset by two or three enemies at once. My opinion of this design choice aside, I’ll do what I can to tip you off as to spawn points, but know that unless you kill it with a Talisman, there’s a possibility that AT LEAST one Phantom will be following you at all times through the stage unless interrupted by cutscenes or hidden from.

Note: Stop back into room 5-A, which is the first room from the Janitor’s Room on the north wall, and head to the south end of the room for a body and a NAME TAG (Kusuo Segawa).

Note: Head back to the first floor entry way to find another body and a NAME TAG (Takeshi Tsuchida), but be mindful of the wire trap.

The next actual destination is the connecting hallway on the second floor, as you’ll initiate a cutscene to carry the plot forward a bit.

Note: If you go back to the Lab on the right side of the second floor, there’s another body with a NAME TAG (Naoya Hatano).

Note: In the western hallway on the second floor, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Sho Mizuno).

Note: There’s a very complex NAME TAG to collect in this chapter, and you’ll need to have picked up the matches from the Janitor’s Room to get it. Head to classroom 1-A on the west side of the second floor, and look at the cabinet in the northwest corner for everyone’s favorite, the cabinet filled with hair. Use the alcohol lamp on the hair to burn it up and obtain a bird skeleton. Next, leave the room and head north to 2-A and find a normal student spirit here; hand her the bird skeleton to receive a Strawberry Bun. Hold onto this for now; you’ll need it in a bit.

Note: Head up the western stairwell to the third floor, cut the wire trap, and in the southwestern corner you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Yuji Kuroki). There’s also BANDAGES in the Library and BATTERIES in the room to the far right, though the latter will spawn a Phantom.

Head up the eastern second floor stairwell to the third floor, and once you reach the door to the men’s room, the cutscenes kick in. After an extended sequence of events, you’ll be presented with a choice, but no matter what the choice, the results are the same, and you’ll have to run into the third floor stairwell, down the stairs and onto the second floor before the plot picks back up again.

BAD END #6: Get killed by the monster here.

We stop into the real world to check in with the outside world for a bit, before we find ourselves in control on the second floor.

Note: Back to the involved NAME TAG we go for a second. Head back up the eastern stairwell and onto the third floor, then enter the first door to the west and investigate the middle stall. You’ll find a spirit who’s hungry; give him the Strawberry Bun and he’ll give you a Music Room Key.

Your next objective is the southeast corner of the first floor; switch to the male character here and interact with the desks so that he’ll move them out of the way to allow further progress. Move out into the walkway for a cutscene, which will immediately move you back to where the last chapter ended.

Note: To the east, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Yuichiro Hirata).

Head west to find a statue of a wolf here, and interact with it to advance the plot. You’ll be given a choice here, and “Stop her” is the correct one.

BAD END #2: Do nothing when asked to do so.

Once you’ve finished the plot and received your new plot MacGuffin, pick up the Pool Pump Room Key from the northeast corner, then leave the area the way you came in. After another cutscene, follow the path away from the main building to reach the second wing, complete with a save point by the door.

Note: Let’s wrap up that involved quest now; head east from the main entrance until you reach a T Intersection, then go south until you reach the Music Room door on the east wall. Inside the Music Room, towards the back of the room, past a trip wire, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Yasuhiko Nomura-P). Yes, that’s the name, no, I don’t know why. Go with it.

Note: From the entrance, head west to the stairwell, then go up to the second floor and move east until you find the bathroom. Open the first stall to find a dead body and a NAME TAG (Remi Yamauchi).

From the main entrance, the way we need to go is east to a T Intersection, south to the end of the hall, then west until you reach the southern stairwell. Head to the second floor and walk forward a bit for a cutscene.

Note: While this will trigger a couple Phantoms, if you head east to the wall, then north to the third doorway on the east wall, you can enter the storage room from earlier, crawl under the bookshelf, and find a body with a NAME TAG (Mizuho Nukaya). Further north in the same room, between the tables and bookshelves, there’s another body with a NAME TAG (Tsubakurou Shibata).

From the second floor entrance, head east and north, then west, back to the area with the locker we saw in the second chapter. Take the Steel Axe from the locker door, which will spawn a Phantom (possibly the second or third you’ll have chasing you). Head back to the door with the writhing tentacles at the southeast part of the area, and use the Steel Axe to cut your way in. Enter the room and step forward for a cutscene, then interact with the tree in the room for another.

BAD END #1: Get hit by one of the ghosts in this scene.

The correct response is to basically stay put; after a few seconds the threat subsides and you get a shiny new MacGuffin for your troubles. Check the right side of the tree for a Gym Key, then the northeast corner of the room for a Crowbar, before you head back out into the hall. From here, we need to head back to the main school, then to the northwest corner of the first floor for a cutscene. Interact with the gym door to your west for another cutscene, then move toward the statue in the center for another. From here, just walk around the outside in a circle until you get to the MacGuffin, at which point you’ll need to haul ass back the way you came to get off the statue before you sink.

BAD END #3: Sink into the statue.

With that done, the story will take over for a bit, but when you’re handed control again, head back into the gym again. In the north part of the gym, there’s another wooden plank we’ll need for puzzle solving, so collect that, then leave the gym. Next, head to the southwest part of the first floor, and interact with the door on the west wall. Use the crowbar here to pry open the door, and you’ll find yourself in the pool changing room.

Note: In the northwest corner of the changing room, you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Eiji Izumi).

Head toward the west exit for a scene, then interact with the door to find yourself out by the pool. After a cutscene, head to the west side of the pool for another cutscene.

Note: From the pool entrance, head south to find a body with a NAME TAG (Katsuki Asaoka).

Head to the southwest corner of the pool and interact with the broken gap here, then place the loose board over it to cross.

Note: Once you’ve crossed the board, head northeast to find a body with a NAME TAG (Chika Amiyama).

Head down the eastern stairs to the pump room, which you’ll unlock automatically. After the cutscene, head to the center for another cutscene, and you’ll then be tasked to swim away from a monster to the upper left ladder on the poolside.

BAD END #4: Get caught by the monster.

With that done, you get another cutscene before you’re dropped at the entrance to the second wing. Head south a little bit to trigger another cutscene, after which you’re tasked to survive a monster attack for 60 seconds; fortunately, despite appearances, you can afford to take one hit and survive, but otherwise, just avoid the monster as best you can. Also note, about halfway in during my play session a second monster appeared, so be wary of this. Otherwise, in a best-case, if you can get the monster into a circling pattern around an object (such as the storage cabinet by the entrance or any impassable gap in the floor) this isn’t too hard.

BAD END #5: Get killed by the monster.

Once that’s done, you’ll see a cutscene and the chapter’s over. You’ll also unlock EX Chapter 3 here.

Name Tag List:

Katsuki Asaoka
Chika Amiyama
Eiji Izumi
Yuji Kuroki
Tsubakurou Shibata
Kusuo Segawa
Takeshi Tsuchida
Mizuho Nukaya
Yasuhiko Nomura-P
Naoya Hatano
Yuichiro Hirata
Sho Mizuno
Remi Yamauchi

Chapter Five: Breakdown
Fourteen Nametags
Four Endings

We start off the chapter with an extended cutscene, before you’re given control. There’s nothing to do in the record room where you start, so leave for another cutscene.

Note: Head west, then north and open the green locker from prior chapters for a dead body with a NAME TAG (Takuya Hamanaga). To the left of the locker there’s also a BANDAGE to pick up.

Note: Head southwest to the stairs, go down to the first floor, and enter the music room directly east of the stairs; inside is a dead body with a NAME TAG (Tatsuya Masui) in the center of the room, a dead body with a NAME TAG (Yuki Katase) in the north of the room, and a TALISMAN on top of the piano.

Note: Head north from the music room door to the T intersection to find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Kazushi Ohkoshi).

Note: There are BATTERIES in the first floor boys bathroom, just to the left of the main building entrance.

Our actual objective here is to head down to the first floor, loop all the way around to the northern stairwell, then head back up to the second floor. Doing so starts a cutscene and unites the group at this point. You can head into the bathroom for a BANDAGE if you wish (mind the tripwire though), but otherwise head downstairs and after a bit, another cutscene will kick in. Once it’s done, we’re back in control at the main building entrance. (Note: Use the conveniently placed save point here, because there’s two BAD ENDS to collect coming up shortly, AND we’ll be going back to it later.) Head east for a cutscene, and then spam X when you’re told to do so to advance.

BAD END #3: Fail to press X sufficiently.

Another scene comes up, at which point your objective is to run north out of the room for another scene, then run north to the nearest locker and hide inside.

Note: Before we move on from this point, I want to point out here that there’s a NAME TAG you can ONLY get during this chase sequence: from the entrance, run to the southwest stairwell, head to the second floor, then run directly north to the wall and enter class 2-A. Inside, along the west side of the room, past a tripwire, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Kentaro Koshio) and a TALISMAN. Doing this is the traditional way is kind of a pain in the ass, so I recommend doing so either while you’re trying to collect the following BAD END, or after the chapter is complete, so you can just grab it, die, and move on.

BAD END #1: Get caught during this chase; alternately, and this is the one I recommend, during the locker cutscene, choose to leave when prompted, as this unlocks a piece of artwork for the collection.

To continue on, don’t leave the locker, then, when you’re given control again, run to the southwest corner and head into the pool changing room. From there, head west to the pool, then loop around the pool and head to the pump room for more cutscenes.

When you regain control, you’ll be in the southeast corner of the first floor. Your only option here is to head west, then north up the central intersection until the cutscenes take over. When prompted, choose to do what you’re told to move forward.

BAD END #2: Ignore what you’re told, or do nothing.

Once the cutscene ends, you’ll be in the western stairwell.

Note: We’ve got a bunch of NAME TAGS to collect here:

There’s a dead body and a NAME TAG (Tomoka Sukegawa) directly in front of you when you load in.

Head back down to the first floor and up the center hallway, and you’ll find a dead body and a NAME TAG (Propaganda Mizuno) on the left as you go.

Head to the northeast corner of the first floor, and in the dead end here you’ll find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Ran Kobayashi).

Head back to the southeast corner of the first floor, and out into the connecting path between school buildings. Here you’ll find a body and a NAME TAG (Takuya Waga) at the turn in the path.

Head back to the northern part of the first floor, and in classroom 4-A (the western doors on the north wall), in the southeast corner (behind a tripwire) you’ll find a dead body and a NAME TAG (Sachiko Yukino).

Off to the second floor now. Make certain you head to the second floor via the southeast stairwell, as heading to the northwestern half of the second floor map advances the plot.

Head into the Lab (second accessible doorway on the east wall) to find a dead body in the center of the room with a NAME TAG (Tadashi Atari) and a dead body in the northern part of the room with a NAME TAG (Tamaki Akaba).

In the hallway, head north to the intersection, then slightly west to find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Kohei Nihongi).

Head downstairs, then up the southwest stairwell, and enter the first classroom on the left once you get to the second floor. In class 1-C, you’ll find a TALISMAN along the west wall, and along the north wall, behind a tripwire, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Mei Akazawa).

Head to the northwestern corner of the second floor, and a cutscene will play. From here, you need to enter class 2-A; if you move past it the game will kind of railroad you into going in there. Once this is finished, the chapter concludes.

Name Tag List:

Mei Akazawa
Tamaki Akaba
Tadashi Atari
Kazushi Ohkoshi
Yuki Katase
Kentaro Koshio
Ran Kobayashi
Tomoka Sukegawa
Kohei Nihongi
Takuya Hamanaga
Tatsuya Masui
Propaganda Mizuno
Sachiko Yukino
Takuya Waga

Chapter Six: Book of Shadows
Thirteen Nametags
Two Endings

Only a small amount of talking rings in this chapter, and we start off in the entryway of the second wing.

Note: Head west from the entrance to find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Hiroko Akachi). Note that if you head down the stairs near here there’s also a TALISMAN at the bottom landing, and there are BANDAGES in the bathroom near the body.

If you head East, you’ll find that there are several powerful monsters along the hall you’ll have to dodge.

Note: If you head south during this sequence and run upstairs, on the landing between floors you’ll find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Meiko Yura).

Note: Head up to the second floor via the southwest stairs, and to the records room in the northeast corner. In the northeast corner of the room, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Yoshihiro Ohtsuka). Note there’s a phantom in this room, also.

Note: Head down the central hallway on the second floor to find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Erika Shibuya).

To move the plot forward, head to the northeast corner of the first floor and go into the staff room’s southern entrance here.

Note: There’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Tetsuya Suzuki) immediately on entering the northern entrance to the room.

Head to the east side of the room, and interact with the covered mirror. The correct choices here are “Remove the cloth,” then “Try using an item,” and use the cube.

BAD END #1: Choose anything but the second choice above.

Cutscenes kick in from here, and when you regain control, you’ll be in the connecting path. Head west for a scene, then enter the main school for another. You’ll note the… eclectic background music as we enter.

Note: We have a bunch more bodies to exhume here, most of which CAN be done after we’ve dealt with the annoying music, save for the one in the third floor boy’s room, which you will HAVE TO DO BEFOREHAND or else you can’t collect it.

Head south from here to the stairwell, and just by the second floor entrance you’ll find a dead body with a NAME TAG (Yuta Totsuka).

Head to the third floor via the eastern stairwell and enter the boys room (first door from the stairs) for a dead body and a NAME TAG (Misao Ito).

All the rest of the name tags can be retrieved after the music is turned off if you’d rather. Also note that the nurse’s office is closed off at this point, so that candle is no longer accessible.

In the lab (only accessible door in the east hallway of the second floor), in the northeast corner, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Hiromi Shimamura).

In the hall, along the north wall, there’s a skull with a NAME TAG (Toshinari Nakajima).

Head to the third floor via the western stairwell, and in the far right room with the chair, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Shigure Morimura). Note a phantom spawns here and there are two tripwires in the way.

Head to class 1-A on the second floor (second class on the west wall) and, on the west side of the room, behind a tripwire, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Emi Nagano).

In the northeast corner of the first floor, inside the Janitor’s Room, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Fudo Narita).

In the northwest corner of the first floor, near the gym door, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Shuta Ino).

Your final destination is the gym, which is the door in the northwest corner of the first floor. Head in for a scene, then go to the hole for another, which will finally fix the music. Leave the gym for an event, then head to the southeast stairs for another. Your next goal is the third floor, via the eastern stairs, and as you head to the bathrooms you’ll kick on another series of events.

You’ll regain control back in the staff room in the second wing. Head out of the room, then back into the northern entrance of the staff room. Examine the cabinets on the north wall for a staircase key, then leave. Head south, then west into the stairwell for an event. Head all the way up to the top floor to enter the spiral staircase room from earlier. As you head up the steps here there will be a few events as you go. Once you get to the gate, open it with the key and move forward for events. Once you’re in control, walk up to the tower and interact with it for events. The choice that comes up at the end has no specific impact on the events coming up, so don’t worry what you choose. Regardless, the chapter ends from here, and you unlock EX Chapter 4 for your troubles.

Name Tag List:

Hiroko Akachi
Misao Ito
Shuta Ino
Yoshihiro Ohtsuka
Erika Shibuya
Hiromi Shimamura
Tetsuya Suzuki
Yuta Totsuka
Toshinari Nakajima
Emi Nagano
Fudo Narita
Shigure Miromura
Meiko Yura

Chapter Seven: Determination
One Nametag
One Ending

The chapter begins with a recap of what the end of the last chapter means, at which point we take control in the hallway. Head south for an extended scene, then head into the northeast room and interact with the knife on the table for another event. From here, leave the room and head down the hall, which will trigger another event and a new intro for some reason. Once the scenes are finished, you’ll end up in a broken down yard.

Note: There’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Kazuki Munakata) to the left of where you start, under some rubble.

Head north for more events, which finishes out the chapter and unlocks EX Chapter 5.

Name Tag List:

Kazuki Munakata

Chapter Eight: Ties Severed, Ties Mended
Twelve Nametags
One Ending

This chapter’s honestly pretty simple; all you need to do is make it back to the staircase from the sixth chapter. You’re starting from the entrance of the second wing as things come in, so it’s not hard to get to.

Note: BUT FIRST, there are a crapload of nametags to pick up:

Right by the entrance, next to the save candle, is a dead body with a NAME TAG (Akinori Ohba).

In the northeast corner of the first floor, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Kohei Asakura).

In the southeast corner of the first floor, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Takuto Chido).

Head upstairs via the northwest stairwell to the second floor.

Note: More tags on the second floor and in the stairwell:

On the bottom floor of the stairwell, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Miho Maehara) as well as some batteries and a phantom.

On the top floor of the stairwell, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Taiki Kanzaki).

On the second floor, along the north wall near the locker, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Erika Katabami).

In the northeast corner of the second floor, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Natsuki Ohta).

At the eastern T intersection on the second floor, in the corner divot towards the bottom, there’s a dead body hidden by the wall (here’s a picture for reference) with a NAME TAG (Makoto Asada).

By the entrance to the southern stairwell on the second floor, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Keiji Yamanami).

Take the stairs down to the first floor, and north of the desk pile there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Shie Asahina).

On the first floor landing of the stairwell, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Yuki Uesugi).

On the landing between the first and second floors, there’s a dead body with a NAME TAG (Shota Suzuki).

From here, just run up to the spiral staircase, run all the way up, and let the plot take over from here. You’ll also unlock EX Chapter 6 for your efforts.

Name Tag List:

Kohei Asakura
Makoto Asada
Shie Asahina
Yuki Uesugi
Natsuki Ohta
Akinori Ohba
Erika Katabami
Taiki Kanzaki
Shota Suzuki
Takuto Chido
Miho Kanzaki
Keiji Yamanami

Chapter Nine: Imperator
Eighteen Nametags
Six Endings

This one’s a long one, and if you want to accomplish everything in the game (NAME TAGS, Trophies, all of it), you’ll be doing at least part of this chapter twice, so I’ll do what I can to help you out with that. Here’s the gimmick with this chapter: there are two Trophies set around either nuking EVERY SPIRIT WITH A TALISMAN or NEVER USING A TALISMAN, and the zones are helpfully set up such that each time you find a Talisman or a Phantom, the other will be immediately nearby. As such, each time the choice comes up, I’ll point it out here using bold, italicized font, so as to make it easy to keep track of. Got it? Good.

After the cutscenes end, you’ll start up at the first floor stairwell of the second wing.

Note: Head east, and by the T intersection there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Megumi Terai). Note the blue spiritual energy here; this plays into a specific bit of work we need to do to unlock a specific NAME TAG later in the chapter. Also, I recommend you keep a save here to come back to later, to make things easier, since there are a few things we need to do here.

TALISMAN ONE: In the northwest corner of the first floor, just south of the stairwell door; the Phantom is due east, near the body we just noted.

Leave the second wing and head back to the main school.

TALISMAN TWO: To the west of the door as you enter the school; the Phantom is in the northern part of the zone, hanging around near the basement door.

Head to the northwest corner of the main school’s first floor for more events, at which point we’ll be back on top of the tower again. Head back down the stairwell for events, then head down to the second floor of the second wing for more events. Pick up the Steel Axe to the east once that’s done, then head north.

TALISMAN THREE: In the northeast corner of the second floor; the Phantom is to the west, though it might start chasing you as you head for the Talisman.

TALISMAN FOUR: To the west of the third talisman, in the open floor area just to the left of the locker; the Phantom is further west. Note that THIS Phantom is the same Phantom you’ve seen in practically every chapter since the third, so yes, it WILL continue to follow us. Just save/load at the entrance and it’ll go away.

Your goal is to loop around, head downstairs, then out to the main building.

Note: We need to do some quick body collection before we move onward.

Head to the southwest stairwell entrance, which will take you to Class 6-A (don’t ask); in the north of the room, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Hitomi Nishizaka). This is the second blue light body, take note.

TALISMAN FIVE: In classroom 6-A just south of the body; the Phantom will spawn if you run around in the upper left corner of the room a bit.

Head back to the southeast stairwell entrance to go right to the second floor, then head north (past a cutscene) and open the next classroom to enter Class 1-A. There’s a body in the northeast corner of the room with a NAME TAG (Rina Hakusen). This is the third blue light body. There’s also BANDAGES on the west side of the room (mind the tripwire) and a Purifying Statue if you need it.

Back out in the hall, there are BATTERIES in the northwest corner.

TALISMAN SIX: Head east from the Batteries and you’ll find the Talisman on the floor; the Phantom pops up southeast.

Open the northeastern door on the second floor floor to enter Class 3-A; in the center of the room is a body with a NAME TAG (Maki Kato). This is the fourth blue light body.

Head to the northeast corner of the second floor and enter the stairwell to be dumped back to the first floor, then head south to the entrance doorway to end up in a familiar place. After a scene, head to the east room, then the south room, and you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Daisuke Kobayashi). This is the fifth blue light body.

There’s a body with a NAME TAG (Chiaki Hiyama) in the doorway next to the basement door in the northwest of the first floor. This is the sixth, and final, blue light body. On interacting with it, you’ll be informed that the Creator has appeared.

Head ALLLLLLLLLL the way back to the spiral staircase base, where you’ll find a purple light. Interact with it to unlock the hidden NAME TAG (Makoto Kedouin) and wrap up this sidequest.

TALISMAN SEVEN: Return to the second floor of the main school, and head to the southeast stairwell to pop up in a familiar place; the Talisman is on the floor here. Interact with the eastern door to generate the Phantom. This is ALSO the fifth blue light body, apparently; if you kill this Phantom BEFORE you collect the fifth blue light body, the light won’t appear over it. No, I don’t know why that is, but I tested this and confirmed it, which is why this Talisman/Phantom combination is listed AFTER the sidequest, so that if you’re trying to do both in one run you don’t screw yourself.

Note: While you were running around, you probably tripped events on both floors. One of the two relates to an upcoming bad end, but the OTHER one is a side event that’s actually worth seeing. Head back to the first floor, then north up the middle hallway for events. Head to the north and open the second door from the right to enter 5-A, then interact with the Ouija Board here for a scene. You don’t need to do this, but it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a big fan of the storyline.

Now that we’ve done every side mission in this part, let’s get back to work. Our next actual goal is the entryway on the first floor; head through here for a scene, then head east, south, then west to a save candle. If you’re being chased by a Phantom, save and load here, then head west for a scene. Head to the northeast door for another, then pick up the Steel Axe from the floor along the north wall. Leave the room, then take the south exit to reappear back on the walkway between buildings. Return to the second floor (and save since there are BAD ENDS coming) and head up to the second floor, then open the first door to your left to enter 1-C. You’ll see three hanging bodies here, and you’ll have to use the clues you’ve acquired up until now to figure it out… or just read on.

BAD END #3: Cut down the bodies in the wrong order. Just cut down the one on the left, basically.

BAD END #1: Climb in the hole in the northwest corner.

The correct action is to cut down the right and center bodies (the order doesn’t matter), which unlocks the door from earlier. Head out of the room, then back downstairs and through the first floor entryway. Head east, south, west and west again to end up back in the room from earlier, then head to the doorway in the northeast corner for a scene. When it ends, you’re back in control at the top of the basement stairs.

Note: There are THREE bodies at the top of the stairs here, each with a NAME TAG (Osamu Hisano, Maiko Kisaragi, and Miya Tohara).

Head downstairs for another scene.

Note: Two more bodies are at the bottom of the stairs, both with NAME TAGS (Joichiro Saito and Taku Asanome).

Head through the door to the north for another scene.

Note: There are three “bodies” next to you as the scene ends, each with a NAME TAG (Sakuya Hoshikawa, Akiko Kaga and Yoshitaka Ohtsuki).

Head north to see a giant swinging guillotine blade, because at this point, why not? For reference, one hit equals death.

Note: If you look to the left, you’ll see a body inside of the cage the blade swings into. You’ll have to run into the cage, dodging the blade along the way, but if you manage it, you can collect a NAME TAG (Hototake Torio).

Run past this blade to find a second set (as in, two at once) around the corner. Oh, and an item in the north cage that you’ll need to collect. Your best bet is to time it so that the front blade is on its backswing as the rear blade is already retracted, which should allow you to get in and nab the Dark Crystal. Repeat the same process to get out.

TALISMAN EIGHT: To the north of where you exit the second blade section, there’s a prison with a Talisman inside; the Phantom is just to the right of it. Congratulations!

Right about now you probably want to save your game, so head south and enter the door on the central area to find a save point, as well as the Light Crystal. Leave.

Note: In the upper right cell you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Takeshi Tsutsui).

Note: In the upper middle cell you’ll find a body with a NAME TAG (Ikumi Tsurutani).

BAD END #2: Walk into the black fog in the upper right corner.

You need to walk clockwise around the central hub to claim the Den Key nearby, then save because we have to go back through the blades again. There’s a door near the entryway save candle you’ll have to enter, and two pedestals on which you need to place the light and dark crystals. Once you’ve done so, head through the blades a third time and go through the hall in the upper right corner that is now absent the black fog for a scene. Once that’s done you’ll get another save candle; save and exit to the west to go back out into the hall for a scene.

BAD END #4: Get smashed by the wall.

Head south, dodging around the obstacles as you go; you should have room to spare since it’s a short trip. Once you’ve reached the end, you’ll see another scene.

BAD END #5: Use anything but the sharp rock.

Use the sharp rock here, and that’ll end the chapter proper.

Name Tag List:

Taku Asanome
Yoshitaka Ohtsuki
Akiko Kaga
Maki Kato
Maiko Kisaragi
Makoto Kedouin
Daisuke Kobayashi
Joichiro Saito
Takeshi Tsutsui
Ikumi Tsurutani
Megumi Terai
Miya Tohara
Hototake Torio
Hitomi Nishizaka
Rina Hakusen
Chiaki Hiyama
Osamu Hisano
Sakuya Hoshikawa

Chapter Ten: Reparations
Ten Nametags
Five Endings

And so, here we are, at the final chapter. Starting the chapter loads in with a single paragraph scene before you’re in control, though before heading out the door, head to the northwest corner and go through the hole in the wall. This time it dumps us in the courtyard, so we can pick up a Loose Board directly north of the entrance. Leave here, then head to the door in the northeast corner and head onward for a scene.

Note: There’s another hidden NAME TAG in this level, but getting this one is a bit less of a hassle. You’ll start by examining the mailboxes north of your position for a TALISMAN. We’ll need to hold onto that Talisman until a set point, but there will potentially be a Phantom between us and that point, so if you want the hidden tag, avoid the Phantom when I point it out.

Head south from here to a save candle, then west for a scene.

Note: There’s an extra scene if you head north at this point where we wrap up the plot point from the second chapter, which we’ll want to do for completion purposes.

BAD END #1: “Kill me!”

We want “Save me!” to progress forward.

Once you’re back in the hall, head west again for a scene, and you’ll be back in the basement.

Note: At the top of the stairs, there’s a body with a NAME TAG (Yuuki Fukazawa).

Head out the upstairs door for more events. When you’re in control again, head west.

Note: There’s a skull on the other side of the divider near where you start with a NAME TAG (Nanako Hayami).

Head north into the door.

Note: There’s a body with a NAME TAG (Keiichi Aoki) as you enter this room.

Note: Check the mailbox here for a Glass Ball; we’ll need that later for the hidden NAME TAG. Also, a Phantom will spawn around here if you move even a little bit west, so don’t do that. It’s one of the “No! Don’t!” Phantoms, too, so it’ll be with you for a long while if you spawn it. Save when next able to do so, or reload and try again.

Head east to find yourself in another hall.

Note: Head through the northern door here to enter the Reference Room. There’s a white poster on the edge of the bookshelf; read that to trigger an event that will burn the Talisman we’ve been carrying around and net us a Tiny Key. That’s all we came here for, so head back out, then backtrack two screens and interact with cabinets you’ll see to your immediate left, specifically, the right hand one. Use the Tiny Key and the Crystal Ball here for an event, then go back to where we were.

Place the Loose Board over the gap to the east, then save at the candle if you fancy and head through the door to the north.

Your objective here is to dodge three monsters while navigating a crystal maze of sorts; basically, just try to draw them into following you single file until you can get into the northern section, where they cannot follow. I recommend making one commit to a swing before running and attracting the attention of the next one, if you’re having trouble; so long as the others are commited to an action, catching the next one shouldn’t be too hard. Once you’re in the north section, save here.

Note: There are a total of SEVEN NAME TAGS to retrieve here; three from bodies on the left (Noritake Nakada, Ryohei Okamoto and Tomomi Hashimoto), three on the right (Hiroki Iwasawa, Motomasa Maeda and Tatsuya Miyazawa) and, if you did the events above, one in the center (Chiyomaru Shikura). Assuming you found everything, that should pop the Trophy! Congratulations!

Head north for an event, and then it’s time to face down the final battle.

So, the boss works like this: essentially, the boss will “say” a “word,” and you have to “say” a “word” back that counteracts the attack. Each of you can take five hits before you fail outright, but in reality you only have four, for reasons I’ll point out below. The catch is, you have to know what the right “word” is to say back to her, and these words aren’t in anything approaching English OR Japanese. Now, there are five pages of a book that’s written and translated from said language, but even then these don’t really tell you what to LOOK for. Instead, I’ve opted to cull the content from those pages and format it in a way that should tell you what to choose and when, which you can find by clicking right here.

BAD END #2: Lose to the boss without landing a single hit.

BAD END #3: Lose to the boss while landing at least one hit. This also unlocks a collectible dialogue for your collection.

BAD END #4: Take four hits and win the battle. This also unlocks a collectible dialogue for your collection.

Basically, your objective is to take three hits or less, though there’s a Trophy for winning the battle without taking a single hit, so aim for that one. Once you’ve won, though, that’s it! Enjoy your ending, and congratulations!

Name Tag List:

Keiichi Aoki
Hiroki Iwasawa
Ryohei Okamoto
Chiyomaru Shikura
Noritake Nakada
Tomomi Hashimoto
Nanako Hayami
Yuuki Fukazawa
Motomasa Maeda
Tatsuya Miyazawa

Before we wrap up, let’s talk Trophies for a second.

There are a total of thirty eight Trophies in Corpse Party: Blood Drive, and while earning the majority of them is fairly simple, there are a few that will require extra work. If you follow this guide to the letter, you should unlock every single Trophy relating to chapter completion, endings and NAME TAG acquisition, which makes up the brunt of the Trophy count in the game. If you want to for the full monty and Platinum the game, however, you’ll have a little more work to go through, so let’s get down to business and see what we can do to help you with that.

Omen is one of the very few “mandatory” Trophies that you’ll get; it just pops during Chapter Zero as part of the plot.

A Faint Light, Returning, Respective Desires, Pain, Pillars of the Six Demons, Breakdown, Book of Shadows, Determination, Ties Severed, Ties Mended, Imperator, Reparations, Conclusion and Bravery are all related to achieving endings in the game; if you unlock every ending in every chapter you’ll unlock all of these Trophies by default.

Last Waltz, Martuba, The Unconceding, Memories, Like Beautiful Dream, Threading the Needle, Separation, Satsuki’s Heart and Reignition are all related to unlocking the EX Chapters in the game, and you’ll unlock the first seven simply by completing the chapters normally. The last Trophy can only be unlocked by completing EX Chapter Seven, which then unlocks EX Chapter Eight and the last Trophy in this group.

Release, Aesthetics, Wisdom, Gratitude, Opulence and Outspokenness are all related to completing the collections in the game. Wisdom, Gratitude, Opulence and Outspokenness will all be unlocked more or less automatically once you’ve completed every Chapter and EX Chapter in the game, as their unlocks are all tied into chapter completion, though if you don’t complete all the endings in a chapter you’ll miss some of these. Release is tied into finding every NAME TAG in the game, which you should be able to accomplish by following this guide.

Aesthetics deserves special consideration, however, because while it should mostly complete itself, as long as you follow the above guide to completion, there are two entries that are easily missed. The first is during the chase sequence in Chapter Five, which I highlighted as a thing to watch out for, so hopefully you caught it. The second is being caught by a Phantom hiding in a locker, which has a special entry in the gallery all its own; if you miss this during play, just start up Chapter Eight, run to the left to attract the spirit’s attention, then run and hide in the locker, and boom, you should get it. The rest should unlock themselves naturally.

The rest of the Trophies in the game, outside of Finality (the Platinum Trophy), are tied into specific behaviors, so let’s break them down a bit.

Darkening – Die from being Darkened. This one’s easy; walk around until one of the flesh tentacles wraps around your character, then don’t do anything to break the hold, and boom, Trophy unlocked.

Mortality – Die from injuries. Just let something beat you to death, boom, Trophy unlocked.

Regrets – See a BAD END. You’ll pop this naturally while completing the above Trophies.

Resolution – Get through a chapter without taking a single injury. The game obviously doesn’t count Chapter Zero for the next few Trophies. Chapter One honestly works perfectly fine for this one, as does Chapter Eight. Just don’t step on anything, don’t get attacked, and so on, and you’ll make it through fine.

Shadows – Clear any chapter without turning on your flashlight (cutscenes don’t count). Chapter One is probably the best possible choice for this Trophy, as there are no tripwires, which more or less require the flashlight to see properly, and everything else can be seen well enough without the light. Just make sure you never turn the light on yourself and you’ll be just fine.

Character – Clear any chapter without suffering any Darkening. Notable in that it excludes Chapters Zero, One and Seven from triggering this Trophy, which makes this Trophy a bit more annoying than it needs to be. Bear in mind, Darkening is easy to get hit with, as it increases when you get grabbed by tentacles, interact with scary things, and take damage. In other words, you’ll need to do this in a chapter run where you’re not attempting to collect anything, and you’ll need to avoid taking any damage in the process. That said, Chapter Eight is basically perfect for this; head for the spiral staircase with the flashlight on, disable the few tripwires you see and avoid the phantom and floor traps and it can be done inside of ten minutes (not counting cutscenes). It might take a couple tries, but it’s by far the easiest place to unlock this Trophy. Hell, there’s even a Talisman to the right when you enter the zone, so if you just use that to dismiss the Phantom you’ll have literally nothing to worry about. Good times.

Obliteration and Purity are two sides of the same coin; basically, there are eight total Talismans in Chapter Nine, and you’ll need to clear the chapter twice; once by blitzing every spirit possible (for Obliteration) and once by never purging a spirit at all (for Purity). The guide explains the locations of the eight possible Talismans and their associated Phantoms, so you’ll know when to claim or avoid pickups; that’s pretty much the basics of this Trophy, outside of having to do the guillotine trap setup six times total.

Reconciliation is the odd duck here; it’s achieved by, essentially, not taking a single hit during the final battle. So long as you use the guide above, you should be fine though.

And this concludes the Diehard GameFAN Corpse Party: Blood Drive walkthrough. I hope this was helpful for you and that you had more fun following it than I had writing it, and again, if anything here was less than helpful, let me know in the comments.


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  1. Jonathan Dewar Avatar
    Jonathan Dewar

    Just thought I should point out that Chapter 5 technically has five endings. When being chased as Yoshiki, getting caught and choosing to leave the locker produce different results and you have to see both events for the all endings in Chapter 5 trophy to unlock.

    Also, in the same chapter, you can can grab the talisman and name tag in classroom 2-A while in control of Satoshi and Naomi during their long trek to meet up with Ms. Kuon.

    1. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      The game doesn’t count them as such though, from what I could gather; that is, being caught in the locker didn’t add a star to the ending list at the time, so either being caught in the locker doesn’t count as the bad ending (which would be asinine) or it counts as the same bad ending as being caught manually. Still, I’ll probably just edit the piece to state to do both, just to be on the safe side.

      Is that room open at that point? I never attempted to check at the time but that would make sense in retrospect, and would be much easier than trying to get it during the chase sequence.

      1. Jonathan Dewar Avatar
        Jonathan Dewar

        I’m almost 100% sure the room is open when you have the trio roaming about, since I’ve been bouncing between your guide and another to make sure I don’t miss anything.

        As for the ending, just now was the first time I’ve taken a look at the endings list in the options menu (because you mentioned it) and you’re right, it only shows four stars.

        I guess having to get both versions of the same ending is just to unlock the Chapter 5 trophy then.

  2. Khayla Harris Avatar
    Khayla Harris

    I have to write this because I just finished chapter 4. When that monster chases you, please add ‘don’t try to go to any doors’. What you said about a possible second monster isn’t completely accurate. Every time you go to a door, a monster appears. I had 4-5 of them chasing me and that is a literal impossible scenario. If you stay away from doors and just (literally) walk (only run as it strikes) an ellipse around the broken floor in front of the entrance and east side hallway, you’ll be fine.

  3. Danny Avatar

    Thanks for the hard work. This guide is the only reason I decided to actually finish this game at chapter 4.

  4. Taiko Singer Avatar
    Taiko Singer

    How to kill the phantom?

  5. Katherine Moonblood Avatar
    Katherine Moonblood

    Welp guess I’m not gonna get Blood Drive. I imagine the chase sequences are harder due to the viewpoint?

    1. Jonathan Dewar Avatar
      Jonathan Dewar

      I don’t remember the game being overly difficult.

      The biggest struggle was the performance. It runs terribly for a game that isn’t particularly great looking even by Vita standards and sometimes the framerate dips can make exploration feel a bit sluggish.

    2. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      Not really; the biggest issue is, frankly, the game isn’t especially enjoyable or, well, GOOD in the strictest sense, but the chases aren’t terribly punishing or anything on their own.

      1. KaileyAesthetic Avatar

        The only issue I have with the game At all, is the fact they don’t give you much running time before running out of breath, haha.

  6. KaileyAesthetic Avatar

    For chapter 5, between the 3rd & 1st bad endings… the name tag that’s only available during the chase sequence? It’s not classroom 2-A that the body is in, it’s class 2-C. You’re not able to get into class 2-A during this time.

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