Steam Game You Might Have Missed – Another Star

Another Star

Looking for something to get on Steam? Having trouble sorting through everything that’s in the store? We have you covered through our Steam curator list, where we post recommendations of games we’ve reviewed here on DieHard GameFAN or have played through on our own time. Additionally, once a week we’ll be posting recommendations for games on our list, highlighting one of the many games we’ve played and loved. This week we’re highlighting Another Star, previously reviewed by Ashe here.

Another Star
Publisher: Vision Riders Entertainment
Developer: Vision Riders Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 03/24/2014

As its Steam page says, Another Star is a console-style RPG with a fast-paced battle system and a world that encourages players to explore and discover hidden areas as they lead their party on a journey across a fantasy world. You play as Tachi, the prince of Clan Minas, who has been sent to find a fallen star believed to promise his clan’s success. Of course, other clans are also vying for the star, which threatens to star a war. Ashe loved this game’s visuals, soundtrack, and the simplified, turn-based combat, and appreciated the additions of newer RPG elements. Still not sure? Watch the trailer below.

Have you played Another Star? What did you think of it?



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