Unboxing of Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below Slime Collector’s Edition

The fall flood of gaming releases isn’t over yet, which means it’s time for another unboxing. On deck this week is the Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below Slime Collector’s Edition (are you kidding me?) The game is Square Enix’s attempt to cash in the current trend of sending their franchises through the Dynasty Warriors machine while simultaneously analyzing whether or not DQ is even still viable for the west. I think the audiences are going to be very different, honestly, but then I don’t make business decisions at SE, I just throw my money at their expensive collector’s editions and hope they notice fans of this franchise do exist. I hope it works.

Anyways, here’s the set in all its glory:

With that sticker blatantly telling me not open it (thus voiding any attempt at a refund), it just makes me want to open it all the more. So let’s get in there and see what’s inside.

I love treasure chests. And unlike the one I have that holds all of the Zelda guides, this one is much less square.

*dramatic music plays*

I sprawled all of the contents for you.

First up, what appears to be a Slime keychain.

If you need something more to accessorize your keys, the Slimes have you covered there too.

Also included is a Slime plushie *slurp*. The one I got with DQVI will no longer be lonely.

The game’s logo is stamped on his butt. Wait, is that his butt? Do Slimes have butts?

Inside the contents of the game case are what I’d expect you’d find in all “Day One” editions, including codes for slime weapons and a pseudo manual of sorts that covers the characters and controls.

Nothing too exciting on the inside.

The size comparison.

This set will run you $99.99 and although it could be better, the treasure chest box is at least pretty cool. The Slime plushie is also pretty neat. A soundtrack and maybe even a steelbook case would’ve been nice alternatives, especially since the game contains a lot of remixed tunes from the series. At any rate, keep an eye out for the full review and thanks for checking out my unboxing!


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