Unboxing of Persona 4: Dancing All Night Disco Fever Edition

Welcome to the second unboxing of a Persona 4: Dancing All Night collector’s edition on this site. In case you missed it, the first was of Japan’s (insert string of meaningless words) Pack, which is admittedly much cooler by comparison. Regardless, this one has some neat stuff in it and you can get it with reasonable ease for about $80 depending on which retailer you opt to go with. But let’s see what’s in this thing so we can continue Dancing All Night, am I right?

Here’s the box in all its shiny glory.

The back part comes off after you remove the plastic.

Time to see what’s inside!

That’s quite the haul. Let’s start with with the simple stuff. First up is a decal for the Vita.

Here’s an insert for the included DLC.

And the rever… not! You can’t put one over on me like that. Next up is a bear-y gold looking Teddy keychain.

If you don’t have enough Vita pouches, well, here’s another one for you.

Now this is what I really wanted. After all, what’s a rhythm game without the music, right?

The inside has all of the track listings. The pamplet contains lyrics for one of the songs.

And now for the size comparison. Incredibly large per usual.

The soundtrack alone was worth the extra cash to me. I didn’t have much need for added Vita accessories, but if you do, all the more power to you. I would’ve been satisfied with a small art book or something in its place. Maybe that way the box would be smaller. Seriously, collector’s editions these days, especially the ones they release for the Vita, aren’t too shelf space friendly. But I digress, if you haven’t checked out Mark B’s review for the game, I highly recommend you do so. Otherwise, thanks for checking out another unboxing!



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