Tabletop Review: Abyssal Dwarf Greater Obsidian Golem (Kings of War, Second Edition)

Abyssal Dwarf Greater Obsidian Golem
Cost: $39.99
Release Date: September 2015
Get it here: Mantic Games

This weekend, my first Kings of War army arrived. Here is a link to the unboxing/ Seventy-six Abyssal dwarves in a bunch of plastic bags. So I’ve started putting them together. As there is only one new release in the set, I’ve decided to do a review of it. The Greater Obsidian Golem is the largest figure in the Abyssal Dwarf army and the largest produced by Mantic so far (the dragons will be bigger, I’m sure). With a price tag of only $40, that’s a pretty good deal, considering Games Workshop sized figured would run you about twice that price tag. Let’s take a look at the assembly process.


Here are all the parts. Note you get a choice of three heads and two sets of arms. This also lets you assemble the Greater Obsidian Golem as an Earth Elemental for the new Forces of Nature army. Don’t worry, you won’t have a multi-headed, multi-limbed monstrosity…but you can mod the golem into that if you’re up for it!

As you can see, the Greater Obsidian Golem is only five parts, which is a shockingly small amount of pieces for a mini this size. I love it as it made putting this guy together super easy, as well as extremely fast. I was done in under fifteen minutes, most of which was letting the glue dry.


A look at both sets of arms. I used the ones with the shoulder armor.


A look at all three head options. I went with the far right one.


Here are the two body pieces glued together. These resin (not restic as the rest of the figures I received) fit together more or less perfectly. There is one tiny gap at the top which I’ll have to green stuff but other than that it was the smoothest large figure I’ve ever but together. I’m already halfway done here!


Here’s that gap I was talking about. It’s not very big and once I prime and paint it, it might not be visible, but I’m going to green stuff it anyway to be safe.


Here we are with the arms glued it. You can do many different poses with the arms, but I chose to assemble mine with its fists in the air. I want the final product to look like he’s raising his arms to the heavens, roaring in rage. Well the golem isn’t male so it is probably a better descriptor than “he.”


A look at the back of the golem. Now we just need to form the head.


Here is the golem on its base. I really don’t care for the look or material of the base. It really didn’t want to take the gorilla glue and it just looks ugly. That’s what paint, flock and other such items are for though, right?


Behold – the finished golem, complete with its new head. It looks pretty creepy right? Again, this was such a joy to assemble although I’m still not sure how I’m going to paint it. Probably black with flecks of gold and silver to represent mineral deposits. He joins a lo0ng list of other figures that need priming and painting.


The back of the finished Greater Obsidian Golem.


Finally, here is the Greater Obsidian Golem with his smaller cousin, the LESSER Obsidian Golem. Pretty big size difference, huh> You can also tell the Lesser is made of restic and the larger is Resin.

Overall, I definitely have to give the Greater Obsidian Golem a very positive review. I loved putting it together. There was no stress, no mess and it was one of the easiest models I’ve ever glued. This is definitely going to be a centerpiece for an Abyssal Dwarven army. If you already have an Abyssal Dwarf army, you need to get one of these. It’s a great addition to your army, looks awesome, and will be a lot of fun to field. Now I just have 72 more dwarves to go. Sheesh.



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