Steam Game You Might Have Missed – The Fall


Looking for something to get on Steam? Having trouble sorting through everything that’s in the store? We have you covered through our Steam curator list, where we post recommendations of games we’ve reviewed here on DieHard GameFAN or have played through on our own time. Additionally, once a week we’ll be posting recommendations for games on our list, highlighting one of the many games we’ve played and loved. Today we’re going to take a quick look at one of my top ten favorite games of last year, The Fall.

The Fall
Publisher: Over the Moon
Developer: Over the Moon
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 05/30/2014

I reviewed The Fall last year, and I absolutely loved it. You play as an armored combat suit that comes online because its pilot has gone unconscious. Trapped in a hostile environment, it’s up to you to find medical treatment for your pilot at any cost. Between the clever point-and-click puzzles and the terrific dark story, the game is incredibly addicting. It even has some cover based shooting elements to help keep you on your toes. Check out the trailer below to see if this is your kind of game. If it is, then you can join me in anticipation for the next part of the planned trilogy!



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