Steam Game You Might Have Missed – Loren the Amazon Princess


Looking for something to get on Steam? Having trouble sorting through everything that’s in the store? We have you covered through our Steam curator list, where we post recommendations of games we’ve reviewed here on DieHard GameFAN or have played through on our own time. Additionally, once a week we’ll be posting recommendations for games on our list, highlighting one of the many games we’ve played and loved. The first one we’ll highlight is Loren the Amazon Princess, a game I reviewed over a year ago and still get enjoyment from when I’m in the mood for an RPG/Visual Novel hybrid.

Loren the Amazon Princess
Publisher: Winter Wolves
Developer: Winter Wolves
Genre: Visual Novel, RPG
Release Date: 01/15/2014

As I stated in my review,  Loren the Amazon Princess is an aesthetically-pleasing visual novel with RPG elements that is worth your time and a few playthroughs, though it’s not particularly challenging in terms of the battle system. It’s definitely a fun time if you’re wanting to spend a few hours romancing warriors and mages. If you’re looking to spice up your collection of visual novels, this is a great place to start. Check out the trailer below to see if the game might be for you. There’s also a demo on the Winter Wolves site if you prefer a hands on experience. If you can’t get enough of Loren and her friends, there’s also The Castle of N’Mar DLC you can grab on Steam. Let us know what you think of the game!



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