Diehard GameFAN Presents: Unboxing the Persona 4: Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack 3D Crystal Set Famitsu DX Pack

If there’s anything long-time readers know about me, it’s that I love me some Persona in general, and Persona 4 in specific, and I’m frankly just stupid enough to waste money on overly complex limited edition game releases if the extras are worth it. As such, it should come as a surprise to basically nobody that when it was announced that Japan was getting all kinds of insane Persona 4: Dancing All Night LE’s, I said, “Well, what’s one more stupid decision among hundreds?” and imported the, and I swear this is the title, “Persona 4: Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack 3D Set Famitsu DX Pack.” Now, obviously we’ll be putting together a little review for you fine folks, but I wanted to share the contents of this package with you all as well, because

1.) Japan gets some of the most insane special editions ever conceived of for games, and it’s always fun to showcase the differences between our special editions and theirs, and

2.) the package is actually still available for purchase over at Play Asia, as are several other packs that come with some of the items shown here, so if you were on the fence about one of them, this is something you can hopefully use to make up your mind.

So, let’s get started.

The outside of the box the package came in. Nothing exotic here; Play Asia tends to ship in fairly normal boxes, and since this package is less a fully assembled package and more “a bunch of loose stuff put together into a package,” it’s the closest we’re going to get to a special edition box.

The inside of the box upon opening. As you can see, there’s a hell of a lot of bubblewrap in here, which, as we’ll soon see, was really for the best.

A better picture of the contents, spread out on the bubblewrap a bit.

The package describes this as a “Yu Narukami 3D Crystal with Light Up LED Stand,’ and as you can see here, that’s… pretty much what it is. The whole package measures about 2×3.15×2” in size, and consists of two parts, the crystal block which has a three-dimensional rendering of Yu Narukami rendered within it, and the plastic base, which has a multi-colored light built into it that’s operated via three AA batteries. The light is very bright, making it a fun decorative piece, especially in low-light rooms, and it’s very weighty and substantial, which is good, as it’s almost certainly the bulk of the expense in this package. Is it worth it? Well, that depends on how much you like physical decoratives like this, but considering how much some imported statues and whatnot will set you back, I’d say it’s a fine enough collectible, honestly.

This also comes with the package: a Persona 5 Blu-Ray disc that contains a trailer and some additional data on the game. Most of the important data has been leaked to the internet already, obviously, so I haven’t even popped it in to check it out yet, but if you want to own your own copy of the Blu-Ray, this is a way to get it, and it’s pretty well packaged, so it’s not a bad thing to have.

The actual “Crazy Value Pack” of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. There are actually three things in the box: the game itself, a two-disc soundtrack (which seems like it’ll be coming with the US version) that has over fifty songs and contains basically every song included in the game and then some, and a card containing the DLC content code that comes with this edition. Not a bad haul, all things considered.

This one is kind of an oddball pack-in; it’s a bandana fashioned after the game, featuring a record pattern with silhouettes of the characters on the outside and a decent amount of the tracklist on the inside. If you like bandannas or hanging up cloth decoratives on the wall, it’s pretty cool and it’s made of fairly sturdy feeling material at least.

This is one of the more outstanding pack-ins from this package: a collection of twelve 3” mini-posters, featuring every playable character from the game. This is one of the very few pack-ins that I’d honestly recommend acquiring even if you don’t get the full package, because if you’re a fan, you’ll absolutely love this. Each mini-poster is made of hard plastic, so they’ll hold up well and you can hang them up however you want due to their size, allowing for lots of options. Also, while your mileage may vary, I love the way each poster is designed artistically (you can decide if they’re for you based on the picture I hope), and I’m definitely pleased with this.

Here’s a picture of the contents of the Crazy Value Pack, as mentioned above. I’d also like to mention that this package also came with a DLC card for the swimsuit DLC pack for the ladies, which won’t be out for another week or so (though it is available to download now, because it’s already on the disc sadly), and doesn’t seem to be a guaranteed pack-in with all versions of the game, so if that’s a deal breaker for some reason, you might want to ask about it beforehand.

This is the last component of the package, and it’s by far the most confusing out of context: a wall scroll of Kanamin brandishing a fork and spoon, with food patterns in the background. I should note that, from playing through the game, Kanamin’s gimmick is that her dance group are all food-based, and Kanamin herself refers to herself as the meat product of the lot (“your prized cow,” yes, seriously, because big boobs or something, I don’t know). Thus, the food aesthetic is because that’s her idol group’s gimmick. That doesn’t make it better or anything, mind you, but still. Anyway, the wall scroll itself is high quality and features a hanging line on the top and bottom for easy display, so if you like Kanamin and would like to hang a large scroll of her up on your wall, this is made for you.

Was it worth the asking price? Probably; people are already selling the 3D Crystal Yu Narukami piece on Ebay for stupidly high prices, so that alone probably justifies the asking price, and given how low the overall print run of the packages are likely to be, it’s probably going to become a collectible sooner rather than later. From a fan perspective, though… I’d still say yes. While the US package is notably cheaper, I’m personally going to get a lot more use out of a handful of mini-posters and a display statue than I am a loose Vita pouch and a keychain, so I’d say that, if you’re a diehard Persona 4 fan, it’s probably worthwhile to consider one of the packages, since finding the pieces on their own is likely going to be nearly impossible or prohibitively expensive.

In any case, I should be back with a review of the import version of the game (and the first two waves of DLC) sometime next week, so keep an eye out here if you’re curious as to how the game holds up and you don’t want to wait for September to find out.



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6 responses to “Diehard GameFAN Presents: Unboxing the Persona 4: Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack 3D Crystal Set Famitsu DX Pack”

  1. Crystal Shards Avatar

    Ugh, insanely jealous. That looks like an outstanding set. Nice find!

  2. ban Avatar

    Does it come with the DLC that the crazy value pack was bundled with? The song, and the two costume DLC sets?

    1. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      It does indeed; the card in the center of the ninth pic has the DLC code on the other side. In total, with this set, you get the Crazy Value Pack DLC and the Swimsuit DLC for the ladies.

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  4. Antania Avatar

    hello! Just wanna ask (bcs I’m new in this) If I buy the Japanese version, do I have to buy the U.S. version again for the localization? or will there be an add-on for it on PSN Store? I want to buy Persona 5 Famitsu DX package but I’m afraid that I should buy twice of the game for the localization. thank you!

    1. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      Sorry, you’d have to buy it twice; as far as I know most companies don’t release localization patches for their JP/US releases.

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