Game Collection Roundtable 04/19/2015: Mortal Kombat X (PS4), Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS), Lost City of Gaxmoor Kickstarer

Every week, the Diehard GameFAN team adds new games to their collections. Sometimes they are new releases, physical or digital, DLC or full games, but they are all building blocks in our greater collections.


Video Games:

Eight point and click adventure games, all of which are pretty good. To get them all for $1.99 is an insanely good deal. Hell, one of them is a favorite of Aaron’s.

So I have Breath of Fire I and II for the Wii U and IV for the PS3/Vita via PSN, but I didn’t have BoF3. SO I imported the PSP version for twelve bucks. My wife loves the series and now she has it all for modern systems.

Sam and Max Hit the Road is only $2.99 on right now. I have loved this game since the day it first came out and I’m happy to purchase it once more – just now playable on modern computers.


  • Lost City of Gaxmoor Kickstarer

I took part in the Lost City of Gaxmoor Kickstarer which remakes an old AD&D 2e/d20/D&D3.0 adventure penned by the Gygax clan. I love Castles & Crusades, which it is being redone for and there are a whole bunch of extra that come with it. Looking forward to this.


  • Mortal Kombat X (ios) (PS4)
  • WWE 2K (ios)
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (ios)

Mortal Kombat X (ios) (PS4) – I bought the PS4 version of MKX, but cheaped out on the shipping and have to wait for it to get here. In the meantime, I have the ios version to keep me busy. So far it’s just like WWE Immortals and Injustice. That’s not an issue though, as I enjoy both of those games.

WWE 2K (ios) – Yeah I caved. As I write this, it hasn’t finished downloading yet, so I don’t know if I just wasted eight bucks or not. But playing a WWE game on my phone is just too darn good of an opportunity to miss. Plus it has Kane. Kane is awesome.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (ios) – As you can see, I’ve been keeping my phone busy. Hearthstone on the iphone is interesting, as it made some concessions in the control department. It plays great though, and I don’t have any complaints. It won’t replace the game on the PC, but it will give me something to do when I can’t get on a computer.


  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS)

The original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii is one of my favorite games for that console. So when it was announced that a portable port was on the way in the form of a New 3DS exclusive, I knew I had to pick it up. Now excuse me while I go listen to Gaur Plains on repeat.


  • Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

It is mortal kombat week! I already beat the story on ps4 which is rare that I even play anything at all!

Fun Fct, my first website in 1997 was MORTAL KOMBAT 4 ONLINE which became a big site and got featured in gamepro’s “NETPRO” insert!






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